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Higher, further, faster, Baby! 

So, have you watched Captain Marvel? If you haven't watched it you may want to stop reading this review because your movie experience is about to ruin with all the spoilers I mentioned. However, if you have watched the latest MCU movie, let's have a good discussion! 

I'm not going to explain who is Captain Marvel and such, I'm just gonna go straight to the review. Alright, buckle up and let's begin!

What works in the movie

copyright Marvel Studios
If you are hardcore MCU fan since the beginning like I do, your first thought about this movie might be what works in this movie. A new character, new storyline, a new addition to the whole MCU timeline, those things always have the risk. So what works in this movie? 

To start off, do I like it? Yes. do I love it? Absolutely! For me, this is a beautiful movie about superhero origin. Because this movie is not about how to defeat a big villain, there's no real villain in this movie actually. It's not all about a big action to save the world, but it's about Carol Danvers' (Brie Larson) journey to find herself and her own power and became Captain Marvel - although she never explicitly said that she's the captain and would like to be called Captain Marvel, I believe it's Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who called her that way and got the inspiration from Annette Bening's character name, Mar-Vell and The Marvelettes.

I really enjoy this movie. This first movie of the franchise is everything I want for an origin story of MCU first female superhero stand alone movie. It doesn't pretentious and not selling the cheesy girl-power storyline. We got to see on the flashbacks, Carol failed over and over again yet she was still managed to stand up and try again until she made it as Captain Carol 'Avenger' Danvers.

This is a feminist culmination on MCU where both women and men can be smart, strong, and have a weakness. A superhero movie which both female and male characters allowed to be emotional and logical at the same time.

I love how they have a wonderful balance of characters portion. None left behind or just there to add a plot. Everyone has their own role and each of them makes the best of their characters, especially our superhero, Carol. The development that she had in this movie is absolutely stunning! It reminds me of Steve Rogers' (Chris Evans) character development in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). The growth from ordinary people with a big heart to heroes with flaws.

I'm pleased to say that as its own and the first movie of the trilogy, Captain Marvel is a beautiful one. But we are talking of bigger universe than Captain Marvel. We are talking about the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and our lady is part of it, a bigger one indeed.

So, how Captain Marvel fits the MCU timeline?

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In one of the post-credit scenes in Avengers: Infinity War, we saw Fury held pager with Captain Marvel symbol in the screen. Now we know why Fury had it in the first place and what was it mean. Carol gave an upgrade on Fury's pager before she left earth (of course pager, it was 1995!).

Then we saw in one of the Captain Marvel post-credit scenes, sometimes after the snap in Wakanda and most people are vanished - or the decimation, Steve and Nat (Scarlett Johansson) were looking at the tally as the numbers continue to rise. Then Rhodey (Don Cheadle) came in to tell them that the thing had stopped working. Bruce (Mark Ruffalo) was keeping his eyes on the pager and they were debating whether tried to make the pager worked again or not until Nat turned her back and saw Carol was standing before her, with long hair and a slightly different costume, asking "Where's Fury?"

This scene confirmed that Carol Danvers will join the Avengers in Avengers: Endgame. We can imagine that they will team up to beat the mighty Thanos. With the powers that she had, it is safe to assume that she will have a bigger role than just punch the big villain in the face.

Captain Marvel also answered some of the questions like how Fury lost his eye. It has been a big question since we saw Fury on the first Iron Man movie back in 2008, what happened to his eye? Now we know, it's because of Flerken's scratch. Some people were pissed off with that fact that he lost his eye just because of a cat (thou Flerken is really dangerous and poisoning!), I was a bit disappointed too. The whole 'the last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye.' the thing was just a BS. We expected to be a big fight with someone, a person, right?

We also knew where Captain Marvel's power came from, Tesseract, one of the Infinity Stones. So many people confused with the timeline of Tesseract now. I'll explain it more in the next post ;)

copyright Marvel Studios
However, as a prequel to the entire MCU, I found some plot holes in this movie. I mean, it's a really good movie but it's not perfect. 

First, Skrull is not copying the entire people's body, including DNA. If so, when Carol met the lady at the train, the lady wouldn't be able to fight Carol in such brutal fight scene. Also when Talos copied as Keller (both played by Ben Mendelsohn), he would need his glasses not just to complete the look. Speaking of Keller, where is he now?

Second, where's Goose now? We know Goose wasn't a regular cat. So it is safe to assume he's not going to age, right? Fury knew Goose is really dangerous so it should be in somewhere safe where it can't just eat people around. 

Third, how did Fury knew Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper)? in Iron Man 2, he said to Tony that he knew Howard better than Tony. So were they close enough, then? In 1995, Fury was a low-level agent while Stark was always a high-level person in S.H.I.E.L.D, so how did they know each other? 

Fourth, Fury had two eyes when he has sworn to be S.H.I.E.L.D director. We saw a photograph back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, although it wasn't clear when it happened I'm positive he was not a director in 1995. 

Fifth, Thor wasn't the first earth encounter of Aliens. S.H.I.E.L.D knew about invasion came from the space back in 1995, when Carol landed in Blockbusters when Skrull came after her. So, was Fury lying when he claimed that the reason he made a secret weapon project in the Avengers with Dr Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) was because of Thor? 

Sixth, did Dr Lawson knew Howard Stark since they worked together in Pegasus Project? We knew Howard found Tesseract and started to do research. In Iron Man 2, we saw Tony found a box with Pegasus Project written on the side and he found Howard's notebook, there when we saw Howard's note of Tesseract. So, did they work together? If so, did Howard knew about Lawson's secret project, the light speed engine? Lawson died in 1989 while Howard and Maria Stark died in 1991.

Overall, despite the plot holes, I really like this movie. I'm looking forward to seeing Carol fight alongside the Avengers in Avengers: Endgame!



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