Friday, April 29, 2016


Last wednesday, I was going out with my sister and we were watching Captain America: Civil War. I was waiting for this movie for a year and two or three months! I love Marvel, I love DC, I love watching movies! 

There was this girl who sat next to me. She looked very tomboy from the way she behave, plus from what she was wearing - an article hardcore t-shirt, black jeans, sneakers. I was totally fine with her outfits actually, my sister kinda wearing similar outfits. I might be judging her as a tomboyish from what she wore but honestly, I didn't really care. I was too busy thinking how amazing CACW could be, the movie hadn't play, 5 minutes away. 

Well, I wouldn't care about her if only she looked at me as I looked at her. Like I said, I didn't care much about people around me, they're strangers! But she was looking at me as if she saw something horrible, stepped into the theatre. As if I was not normal, not okay to be here. Why? 

That time, I just ignored her. Once I got home, I remembered that humiliating moment. I was so confused and angry, why did she do that to me? Why she seemed offended of my presence. I didn't even know her nor knowing that she was alive in this world. 

Then, the more I thought about it. The more I realise it was because I was me - myself and she was her - herself. 

I wore pink sweater, blue jeans, 2 cm suede pointy heels and wore light makeup on my face. I had my handbag. Can you imagine? I'm a very girly girl. I love heels. I love makeup. And she was so shocked because a very girly girl stepped into a cinema, was going to watch CACW - a Marvel's movie, based on comic book, lots of action and humour, and superhero kind of things. 

She was shocked because I wasn't my sister. I wasn't her. I didn't wear article t-shirt, didn't wear sneakers. 

So what? I was too girly, too feminine to watch superhero movie? It was so condescending, humiliating to me! 

Just because a girl is wearing heels, it doesn't mean she knows nothing about superhero movies. 
Just because a girl is wearing makeup, it doesn't mean she doesn't like watching action movies. 
Just because a girl is wearing pink clothes, it doesn't mean her knowledge about comic books is none. 

I'm so glad to live in an environment where everyone has a wide perspective. 

My Dad is a very strong guy, he was an athlete, a boxer in his younger life. But you know what? he doesn't like watching murder scenes although his job is a lawyer. His favourite music genre is classic. He has bunch of instrumental CDs collection from time to time. 

My Mom is a Hajj. She wears hijab, she dressed like a lady but in other times, she loves wearing plaid and jeans. And what else? She loves watching boxing show, her favourite TV shows is CSI crime. She never missed one episode. 

My Brother is a lawyer as well. He is a nice guy, a very easy going and really like humour. He doesn't care what everyone thinks about him. He's very humble. Then? He is a big fan of hardcore music. No kidding, like really hardcore. 

My Sister is a tomboy girl. She likes jeans and sneakers, article t-shirt, she doesn't like wearing makeup. Her dream job is to be an architect or astronaut. She's the stronger, more independent version of me. We're nothing similar in personality. Her favourite colour is even black. Loving black nails, black shirt, black everything. But what? She's still fangirling over Asa Butterfield. No, not an actor who usually plays action scenes but more to drama and sci-fi. 

So why people have to judge from how we look? 

Please change your perspective. Not everyone is exactly as you see them. Your point of view to something actually defines you. If you have narrow mindset, the way you see world is so small. The world is too big for your narrowness. 

You will feel differently if only you have wide perspective. The world is so big, you won't even believe it. We are very different, very unique. You can't see those uniqueness with that short mindset. You will miss so many rare, uncommon things in the world if you keep closing your mind. 

I didn't mean to rant over one single thing that happened in my day. I want to share my thoughts, want to ask you to be with me, let's have a wide perspective to see the world from different angles. 


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