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It actually took so long for me to write a movie review, especially when it comes from my favourite book. Reason is because I really have no idea how to describe it. The best way I can describe is I have two point of views which is weird for me. 

First, I don't like this movie.Second, I like this movie.

Confuse? Me too. 

Let me share my thoughts just so you know, this post may contain spoilers :) 

Being someone who loves this entire series of The Maze Runner by James Dashner, it is obvious that I can't wait for book to big screen. The Maze Runner movie is great, one of the best book to movie adaptions I've ever see (the best is of course, The Hunger Game series). The first instalment was great even though the director had to cut off some parts from the book and add some different things but, overall, it was great. 

This second instalment, I lost my mind!! As a reader, I never expected movie-book adaption will be the same, of course it must have some differences BUT not this kind of differences. When I watched The Scorch Trials, I felt like I watched a new movie that said "this is the sequel from The Maze Runner" and I have to disagree. What I read about The Scorch Trials by James Dashner and what I watched on The Scorch Trials by Wes Ball, both are completely different stories. I can hear myself, "what the heck is this about? Where's A, where's B, why is it A, why is it B" and that's clearly not a good sign for such an adaption. 

The crank is somehow not a zombie in the book, the zombie version of crank in the movie is terrifying I know, I screamed. But, Crank is not World War Z's zombie. What bothering me the most is Teresa's betrayal. I don't understand why the director and screenwriter want to make her as the most hated character on the movie. First, they deleted the telepathy between Teresa and Thomas (also Aris and Rachel) but then I was like "well, maybe it is too hard to bring it up to the movie" but then I realised it will make a huge difference to the movie. I was right. Teresa's betrayal in the movie is different from the book. Once again, I don't say it has to be the exact same but changes it into such a different plot is not make any sense. 

Also, what is it about the rebellion? I don't remember they say something about rebellion on the second book. 

As I kept watching the movie and started to feel more and more disappointed to this movie, somehow, out of nowhere, I still have the urge to watch. Weird! I know that I don't like this movie but weirdly I still sat down on the theatre chair, drank my lemonade and ate my nachos. I still enjoyed it!

To say I don't hate this movie would be such a vast understatement but to say that I like this movie is not true

Then why I still there anyway? 

It is because, for some reasons, the movie is interesting. This new plot (with one or two parts from the book) is cool actually. The action package, the setting, the effect, the way the actors portray their characters are great. 

I was so scared during the time when the cranks were after Thomas and Brenda. I was so upset about this whole Janson's project (is it weird that I kinda loving this Janson? well, he supposed to be called Rat Man but hey, look at his devilish handsome face! Also, the way he brings his Rat "Janson" Man character is appealing) the flares are terrifying and disgusting and everything that has been visualised in this movie is visually beautiful and terrifying. The effects are obviously have no flaws, that's why this movie packed well. 

I think, for someone who didn't read the book, this movie is great. Everything is right in the place, nothing is too much or lack of some things. But also, for someone who didn't read the book, they won't understand about some important things like "the flares", "the cranks" and those whole Zona A and B, and so many words that based on the book. The movie is not fully explaining about those things. 

Yeah, that's the way I can describe about my point of view. I will disagree to say that this movie is great for something that based from a book. It is obviously not! It is not based on, it is not an adaption but it is inspired from the book because they just took few parts from the book. I also will disagree to say that this movie is total boom boom because it is not. Individually, apart from the book, this movie is great, but for an adaption, it is bad. 

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