Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hello beautiful people out there!!!! 

Happy 2015! I know this kinda super late but really guys, I've been so busy since December and haven't got any 'me time'. 

First, I got odontectomy in the earlier December last year (whoa... it feels like a really long time but apparently it is not that long) to remove 5 teeth: 2 third molar upper teeth - which the position were not cool, too close to my maxillary sinus, 2 third molar lower teeth and lateral incisor which didn't grow and stayed for a really long time (about 5 or 6 years). 

So basically it wasn't an usual odontectomy with local anesthetic because it took 6 hours for the doctors to do my surgery. Then the healing process took so freakin' long! I had swollen - super puffy face for about 2 weeks. I couldn't open my mouth because it was really really hurt, and I could't eat anything other than porridge which I hate.

Second, I had to finish my proposal for my undergraduate thesis. I struggled with my healing process and my working process. Then I had to prepare for the proposal session. But thank God, it was finally done!!! 

Third, I lost my laptop and phones. My laptop was like my external brain and it hurt so bad to lose something really important. I did all of my assignments in my laptop. I do my hobby in my laptop. I write fictions and stuffs in my laptop and lost it was really hard for me. Especially, I collected the undergraduate thesis' materials for about 4 months and just lost it in 30 minutes or so. 

So, back to the present... 

I was really bored with my blogposts theme and thinking about new theme for every blogpost. From this month, I'll start the new theme ;)

It's actually related to my new year goals. What a win win. I try to write more on my blog and I also try to achieve my goals. 

Without any further do, here's my new themes: 

Technically, I change all of 4 major blog themes' names (makeup, book, movie, and music) and a bit of the whole idea of it. I'll do every single one of these following themes every month. So, I'll share 4 blogposts in the end of every month. 

  • BOOK REVIEWS change to BOOKSHELF: once a month, I'll post book review or recommendation. Not every book that I read is brand new release. I'm trying to read (and finish) at least one book per-month. 
  • MAKEUP/NAIL POLISH/SKIN CARE FAVOURITES change to VANITY: I'll share makeup products or nail polishes or skin care products that I use in a month frequently. It can be contain review from the new products (to me or new releases).
  • PLAYLIST: I can't find better name than this. I'll share at least 5 songs / 1 album that I really into it in a month. 
  • MOVIE change to CINEMA: a movie review every month. Either it is new release or the movie that I watch in that month. 

I also changed my tumblr's theme and instagram theme. And, I'm back to my old friend, twitter. Trying to catch up with world as much as I can. 

Have a great day ahead! Mwah <3

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  1. innalillahi pey, kenapa laptop sama hp bisa ilang? kemalingan?


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