Started as a 3-year-old who loved to watch her mum did her makeup and so often tried those products on her face and ended up looking like a racoon, begged her parents to go to the movie theatre every weekend because she always amazed by the magical world of cinema, dressed up and danced around in the living room on the weekend by herself because why not? and read a book before bedtime with her dad because she wasn't able to read by herself yet, I became a girl who appreciated beauty in every little thing.

This blog is part of my enjoyment of those little things. 

My name is Vera Sumanta, I'm an aspiring blogger from Indonesia. I created this site because I wanted to have an online journey of things that I love the most, experiences that very close to my heart, and truly, share my thoughts and experiences with as many people as I could. 

If you are looking for skincare or makeup recommendations, maybe my post can help.
If you are looking for a movie/tv-series review, this site might help. 
If you are looking for new songs to listen to, I got you! 
If you are feeling blue and need to see life from a different person's perspective, I have shared my thoughts here as well. 

I want this site to become your guide or inspiration, or even an escape from your world just for a little. I want to be your friend through this online platform. 

Dear you, welcome to a journal of my extraordinary ordinary life. 

Love, Vera

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