Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Here we go again! Another month, another tv-series recommendation for accompanying you on quarantine. But, seriously you guys, how are you doing? I'm doing okay most of the days, but you know, some days are harder than others. 

My way of coping up with this whole pandemic situation is either I'm binge-watching or I don't at all. There's no in-between. How about you? 

Here are some of the series I've been watching during isolation. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am. 

1. Dark (2017-) 

Where to watch: Netflix 
The number of the season: 2 (18 episodes - season 3 on 27 June  2020)
This German tv-show is truly mind-blowing. Let me tell you, this is an intense show that you really need to take time to watch this. No phone allowed during watching because you don't want to miss anything, well mainly because you have to read the subtitle - unless you change the audio, but personally, I prefer original. If you love mystery, sci-fi genre, this is for you. It's a must! 

2. Black Mirror (2011-)

Where to watch: Netflix 
The number of the season: 5 (22 episodes) & 1 movie (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch) 
Because... if you haven't watched this series, where have you been? Are you living under the rock? Regardless of what genre you like, this show has it all with a dash of sci-fi. So good! 

3. Unorthodox (2020) 

Where to watch: Netflix 
The number of the season: 1 as mini-series (4 episodes)
Although this is definitely not an easy series to watch, I encourage everyone to give it a try. I honestly think this series holds such a beautiful, important message for everybody especially in a time like this when some people still being close-minded, still heavily mixed both cultural perspective and their beliefs. The language may be foreign to some but the happenings in the storyline should be universally understood. 

4. Unbelievable (2019) 

Where to watch: Netflix
The number of the season: 1 as mini-series (8 episodes) 
When society talks about violence, some choose to close their ears, eyes, and mind. This series gives the audience insight into how difficult it is for the violence victims to speak up because of so many reasons. 

5. The Handmaid's Tale (2017-)

Where to watch: Hulu, HBO 
The number of the season: 3 (36 episodes)
The dystopian story always fascinating to watch. This series pictured natural selection on human evolution, a dumbing down on the society. Is it scary? Yes, very. But if you look further, the story somehow related to how the world's situation right now. Also, beautifully acted and executed. Again, another must watch!

6. Sherlock (2010-) 

Where to watch: BBC One, Netflix 
The number of the season: 4 (15 episodes) 
A modern update of the classic Sherlock Holmes story that's filmed and acted so beautifully. It's beyond expectation, really. 

7. Fight for My Way (2017)

Where to watch: Netflix
The number of the season: 1 (16 episodes) 
A light-hearted, no brainer, funny South Korean tv-series about friendship, love, and dreams. It's very easy to watch, everyone in this series is likable - somehow very relatable too! 

8. The OA (2016-2019) 

Where to watch: Netflix 
The number of the season: 2 (16 episodes) 
This is probably one of the most beautiful original series on Netflix I've ever watched! First, it's about a blind girl who mysteriously came back after 7 years gone missing with her sight restored. Second, her story is beyond imagination! The storyline plays with your imagination and feelings at the same time. It's hard to believe her story but at the same time, you really wanted to! It's crazy, you have to watch it.

9. Sense8 (2015-2018)

Where to watch: Netflix 
The number of the season: 2 (24 episodes) 
This series is one of the very first shows I've watched on Netflix. I assume it is safe to say the OG of Netflix series. The story is one of a kind. I have never watched anything like this - a bunch of strangers from around the world somehow linked mentally as if they're on each other's dream, guided them to do something, helped them to get through their own problems. It's madness!

10. The Politician (2019-) 

Where to watch: Netflix 
The number of the season: 1 (8 episodes - season 2 coming soon)
First, the story is original and very fresh. Second, a bunch of talented young actors under Falchuk-Murphy production? Of course, I'm in. Seriously, it's a good watch. It's pretty no brainer, very interesting story with a good plot twist. 

What's your current favourite tv-series? 


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