Tuesday, June 30, 2015


To end my review in the month of June, I thought I'd share my first 50 random facts about me ;)

  1. I'm very close to my parents. I literally tell everything to them.
  2. I am naturally brown eyes and brunette but when I was at junior high school, I dyed my hair black to obey the rules (I dyed it every 6 months) and it damaged my hair condition and colour. Now, my hair slightly getting better both in colour and the condition. 
  3. I was born on Monday, 4 p.m
  4. I like Frank Lampard but I don't watch any football games, ever. 
  5. My favourite colour is white which basically not even a colour.
  6. I love both reading and writing.
  7. My first perfume was Kenzo Leaf.
  8. First smartphone was BlackBerry 
  9. I love the smell of new books.
  10. I have a phobia.
  11. I almost always order green juice or mix juice at the restaurants.
  12. Both my Dad and my brother are  lawyer
  13. 50 % of my clothes when I was a kid were made by my Mom because first, I was so skinny and it was hard to find the size. Second, I love it more than expensive clothes from the store.
  14. 2009 was the hardest year in my life. 
  15. My name means faith in Russian and Ukrainian, truth in Latin, summer in Albanian, brave in Hindi. 
  16. My first pet was a fish I got from the market when I was 5. It died 2 months later and I cried for weeks.
  17. I fall in love to James Maslow and literally obsessed with him.
  18. I never can't answer the question "what is your favourite movie ?" because I have lots!
  19. And also I watch too many tv series like... dude I watch almost every tv series in this entire planet. So basically, I love watching movies and tv series.
  20. I used to love online shopping but now as I grow up, I like real shopping. Not only because I can try it on but also I can see and double check the material. 
  21. My sisters and I are very close to each other. We're more like best friends than sisters.
  22. I can watch the same movie at the theatre over than 5 times if I like it and then buy the original DVD or blu-ray. 
  23. I almost always being extravagant when it comes to makeup shopping.
  24. I have a board on pinterest contains my dream house's design.
  25. Also everything about wedding.
  26. My blood type is A and my friends always say I have the 'A' personality.
  27. I hate being copied by other people. I'm a big believer in originality.
  28. The last thing I bought was a roll on perfume from Victoria Secret.
  29. I'm using iPhone 5s, no, I don't like iPhone 6. I hate big phones.
  30. My favourite songs at the moment: Nobody Like You - Katelyn Tarver, Forget - Marina and the Diamonds, and Riptide - Vance Joy. 
  31. I once sent the first novel I wrote to publisher, 6 months later I got mail and it was rejected. But I don't stop writing
  32. I never love a song as much as I love Parallel by Heffron Drive. I never thought a song could done this much to myself. 
  33. I learn piano but not an expert, far from that. I just learn some basics. 
  34. I was a choir member at junior high school and also in my earlier year of university. 
  35. I joined cheerleader at senior high school (2 years).
  36. I'm addicted to Passion Tea Lemonade. Basically obsessed with TEA!
  37. I have google alerts for James Maslow, Frank Lampard, Nick Robinson, Robert Pattinson, Maroon 5, Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matthew Goode, the entire members of Avengers, Dylan O'Brien, some authors, and many more because... I'm a fan girl ;)
  38. One of my dream vacations is going to Santorini with my family and fiancé or husband.
  39. I believe world peace can be achieved!
  40. I want to moving out to another country/ states such as to New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, and Greece.
  41. I love red velvet cupcake!
  42. John Mayer, Heffron Drive, Tom Odell, Hozier, Arctic Monkeys, and Maroon 5 are life!
  43. I enjoy editing pictures but I'm not an expert when it comes to taking pictures with professional camera. I know I'm so behind :| 
  44. I can drive but I'm not allowed to. My Dad is overprotective that's why I have my own driver. 
  45. I'm very clumsy!
  46. I often get weird dreams such as my ex was trying to kill me or me being prisoned in somewhere I don't know. It happens for like 4 days in a week. I know that's weird.
  47. I have more than 700 movies in my collection and also more than 200 books (fiction, self help, makeup related, hobbies) on my shelf. With note 50 % of my movies and 30 % of my books are lost and never returned. 
  48. Me and my sister, Vena, always mistaken as twins which we are not. We are sisters, I'm 6 years older than her. But she's taller than me so yeah, I clearly understand why people can say that. 
  49. I still have daily journal or should I call, diary?
  50. In my entire life, I only use 2 brands of computer/laptop, Sony and Apple

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  1. MBTI personality? udah pernah nyoba belom pey? hehe. Tapi aku tebak kalo kamu itu INFJ atau ENFJ *sotoy


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