Saturday, August 17, 2013

20 Facts About Me

I found it on my Instagram and already posted it, but there's a trouble which is my facts disappear and I don't know why. I also posted it on my tumblr :)

I don't have any specific reason to do this, I just think this is quite fun to share some facts to people. Let's say, this is just a game. 
Here they are... 

1. I love HELLO KITTY so much!
2. I love BOOK! The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Ender's Game, Rumah Coklat, The Hunger Games, The Host, 5 cm, Thirteen Reason Why, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations, Summer In Seoul, Pretty Little Liars, Laskar Pelangi, are some of my favorite novels. And i love self-help genre, especially Why Men Marry Bitches.
3. I love MOVIE! I can watch movie all day long, and i can watch same movie over and over because i love it. But i don't watch thriller movie because too many bloods and makes me puke, and Hindi movie, too many singing & dancing. Les Misèrables, The Descendants, One Day, The Lake House, Leap Year, The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Stoker, Oblivion, SUPERHERO MOVIES, The Hunger Games, Now You See Me, Insidious, Zombieland, Pacific Rim, Kick Ass, Adventureland, The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, Life As We Know It, Shaun Of The Dead, Taken, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Salt, Knight & Day, Hick, Confession Of A Shopaholic, are some of my favorite movies.
4. I love MUSIC! Secondhand Serenade, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Marina & The Diamonds, Maroon 5 are my favorites, i also love classic & instrumental, Richard Clayderman, Vanessa Mae & Kenny G are my favorites.
5. I want to be an AUTHOR! Charles Dickens, Emily Brontë, Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling, Sara Shepard, Ilana Tan, Sitta Karina, Jay Asher, Sherry Argov, Orson Scott, Rick Riordan, Stephen Chbosky, John Green, are my favorite authors. They're so great!! 
6. I love TV Series! Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, Terranova, Sherlock, Game Of Thrones are my favorites! I also watch korean tv series, my favorite is City Hunter.
7. OCD & Batrachophobia.
8. Favorite movie character is Edward Cullen
9. Celebrity Crush forever : Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Franco brother, Robert Pattinson, Lee Min Ho, Robert Downey Jr, Adam Levine.
10. I love James Maslow! That hazel eyes oh my God! 
11. THE BEATLES & Westlife.
12. I hate Victoria Secret's model because they have that body! I want it!!!
13. I can't sleep without take shower first.
14. I prefer vanilla than chocolate for my ice cream
15. Passion Tea Lemonade with Raspberry Sweetener is my favorite drink all the time.
16. Pale skin, naturally have brown hair & eyes. When i was student, i died my hair with black because my teachers think it's not my natural hair color and punished me.
17. I love FRANK LAMPARD!!
18. Been struggle with GERD since 2009 and it feels way better now. This is not something i ashamed of, or want to get attention, or want to be pitied, because i am doing FINE.
19. JLo Still, Kenzo Leaf, Paris Hilton Sheer, Britney Spears Curious, Gucci guilty are my favorite perfumes.
20. Allergic to bullshit, unworthy promises, and COPYCAT!


  1. wah, banyak banget favoritnya :
    mampir2 juga dong ke blog aq ve,

  2. sure sayang, hihi. thanks for visit my blog :)

  3. iya hehe :) sama dong pengalaman pertama punya blog waktu tugas dari pa lukman :D


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