Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I've been more aware of my wellness and environment for the past year, I'd say I've been pretty sustainable at this point and very proud of it. I wasn't really going big like completely stop using plastic, become more organic or even change my diet, but I've taken some little things seriously. 

Today I'm going to share with you how I take baby steps to become more sustainable without overstressing it or even overdoing it. These things that I do are so easy that you can start doing today.

Change your straws 

I'm going out a lot and one of the main things about eating out at the cafe is every time you order cold beverages, they will serve with a plastic straw. Some of the cafes at the city where I live in are becoming more sustainable and use a paper straw, but you know what, it's better if you have your own reusable straw. If somehow you forget to bring your own, don't use a straw at all. It's not the end of the world to drink your refresher straight from the glass. 

Bring your own water bottle 

I drink water a lot during the day, at least 2500 ml per day. So, instead of keep purchasing water bottle from the minimarket when I'm out and about, I bring my own water bottle. In Indonesia, tap water is not drinkable so how I refill my water when I run out? Every time I go to the coffee shop (ex: Starbucks) or cafe, before I leave, I'll ask nicely to the barista or the waiter to fill my water bottle. If I know I'm going to somewhere that is impossible to refill my water bottle, I'll bring two bottles and keep one in the car. 

Use your reusable shopping bag 

I have so many big tote bags in almost every colour and encourage everyone in the household to use them whenever they go shopping. Sustainable is cute and fashionable, you know? ;) 

Be wise of energy use 

This is actually very easy to do. I start with turn off the appliances and lights if I no longer use them and open the windows instead of using air conditioning. Every day at 4.30 am when I wake up, I'll open all the windows at home to let the fresh air fill in the house. If you live in a tropical country like I do, 9 am is no longer fresh so you better start earlier than you usually do. 

Resell and donate items 

I just started doing this recently and it felt so good decluttering. I managed to donate some of my rarely used clothing, resell some of the books on the shelves, threw some makeup that has been expired and gave some of those that were still in a good condition to my sisters, cousins, or friends.

Convert to e-book 

This is probably the hardest decision for me. I love reading, love the smell of a new book, love the feeling of flipping pages until I reach the last page of the book. However, keep purchasing paperback or hardback take so many spaces on the bookshelves, and... paper is made from tree and I want my children and grandchildren to be able to breathe nice, fresh oxygen. So, if one person stops buying books, maybe it helps to save some trees out there for the next decade.

There are so many sustainable ways out there that you can do, for now, I'm still taking baby steps and learning every day. What do you do to be more sustainable? 


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