Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Hi, guys! How are you doing? How's your self-quarantine? I have been self-iso for almost two months now, it's been crazy. I hope you are well!! 

I just finished this book by Claudia Gray and I have a very mix-feeling about it. It's very typical and I found myself kept asking haven't I read this story before? This book is basically every other young adult trope you can imagine - the male characters that keep protecting the female ones, the typical love triangle, the lovey-dovey type of young love. By the end of chapter 1, you can predict the ending of the book. The 15-year old self would be enjoying this book but I'm no longer into this sort of YA novel anymore. To be honest, what sold me at first was the cover. It was so beautiful!

If you are into that kind of story, this book might be entertaining for you. It still has pretty likable characters, an entertaining plot with the interdimensional time travel as the main event, and the writing is very good too. The love triangle wasn't the worst, but you know, predictable. 

Stay healthy, safe, and just stay at home. 

Love, Vera

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