Thursday, March 26, 2020


It took me almost a month to finish this book! I started on the first day of March and last night I flipped the last page. I was so surprised by how long I read this book cause this was a beautiful story! As I went to the internet to find who was Eowyn Ivey - the mind behind this book, I found that this was inspired by Russian fairytale. I never know until now. It was so magical to read! Well, I know why tho, with the pandemic and changes that came along, I also had to adjust my life to the situation that we are in. So reading a book was out of option at so many days. I hope this pandemic will be over soon! 

The Snow Child made me question the real story. Was Faina a real girl or just their imagination? I have to say, Ivey's writing style delivered a 'feel good' sense of what happened in the story and made it so easy to imagine their lives in Alaska (I've never been to Alaska before!). The description was so thorough and detailed, it awed me that someone has the ability to describe something like that without making it less interesting. 

Overall, this was a gorgeous, fun, and fascinating and a fast-paced read with a sad ending. I don't usually like sad ending, however, in this story, it was necessary to end like that. This book was no doubt a magical and classic fairytale for adults. I enjoyed every minute reading this book and I believe I will read this book again in the near future. 

How's your reading challenge going? 

Love, Vera

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