Thursday, February 20, 2020


In day to day basis, I barely wear a lot of makeup. It's either I go with soft-glam or no-makeup makeup look, there's no in-between. Today I want to share what's inside of my everyday makeup bag, means, the no-makeup makeup look products.

I only have five products that I use every single day, they are easy to use, not too much, and most of them are drugstore products.

Pond's Instabright Glow Up Cream in Pink Crush

I love this cream because it is a multipurpose cream: it can be your moisturiser, primer, or even highlighter. Although, because I have fair skin, it doesn't work well as a highlighter. I apply this cream after I put my moisturiser and sunscreen to add more moisture to my skin. It works well as a primer, smoothing my skin nicely.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair

It's been my favourite undereye concealer for years! It helps to cover up my dark circles, brighten the area and of course, compliments my skin tone nicely.

Maybelline Fashion Brow in Gray

Instead of using a brow pencil, I prefer to use a cream product on my brow. It creates a softer and more natural-looking look. I like how this product is very easy to use but stay on my brows all day even when I wudū three times during the day.

Tarte Amazonian Mascara

I have quite a few favourite mascaras but I realised, over the last three months, this is the only mascara I've used. I've been using this mascara since two years ago, stopped when I discovered another mascara, then I came back to it again. This mascara is beautiful. It makes my lashes look longer and have more volume. It is also not a waterproof mascara so it doesn't hurt when I remover the makeup on the evening.

Lancomê Matte Shaker in #270 Beige Vintage

This lip product is so gorgeous, I can't get over it even I've used this for almost two years now. It is moisturising my lips, creates a beautiful, soft, velvet matte colour on the lips, and it can be used as a liquid blush as well! The colour, beige vintage, specifically is so natural. I got so many compliments whenever I use this product on my lips (and as a blush as well!).

What's your must-have beauty product? 

Love, Vera


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