Monday, December 23, 2019


Back in May, I shared the inside of my go-to bag. It has been 6 months and my daily routine definitely changed. So of course, what I carry in my bag is also changed. I switched my Fossil leather satchel to this gorgeous navy leather satchel from Kate Spade. I purchased this bag the end of last year, I'm not sure this bag still available in or off the store. 

This bag definitely looks more girly than my previous bag and also smaller. It's perfect to carry my daily things as now I don't carry much. Although I still switch around with bigger handbag if I need to carry more stuff, this is my current most used handbag. 

Let's take a look what's inside! 

I will never leave the house without a wallet to keep my ID card, driver license, debit and credit card, and some cash, just in case some places that I go to can't accept my card. Then, I will also have my phone with me because this is where I do everything like text somebody, call them, check some emails, and all. 

As for makeup pouch, I carry smaller pouch now because I only carry three things: compact powder, lip balm, and lipstick. My current favourite compact powder is Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Powder which is a gorgeous powder with beautiful coverage. As for lip balm, I use the Mario Badescu Vanilla Lip Wax, such an amazing lip balm especially during the rainy season when my lips getting drier than usual. For lipstick, I love to carry Lancome L'absolu Rouge in 335 Moderato because it has a beautiful formula and colour pay off. If I use lightly or just tap with my fingertip, it creates a beautiful, soft, rosy colour. If I apply normally, it becomes a gorgeous berry colour. And also, because this lipstick has a cream formula, it can use as a blush if needed, I love the multipurpose product!

The next thing in my bag is a fragrance. I carry a smaller bottle so it doesn't take much space inside my bag. I carry the travel size EstÄ“e Lauder Modern Muse (EDP), such a refreshing scent! I also carry hand cream, again, in a smaller size. I'm a long time fan of L'occitane Amande Almond Hand Cream, very moisturising and smell really good! 

Next, I have a stainless straw. I have been plastic-free for almost two years now and it feels so good! One small change in our routine can make a huge difference and I love that! And last, I always carry a pen because it comes in handy whenever I need it!

Sometimes, if it is near or the time of the month, I have spare pads and tampons too. But you know, I don't carry them every day. Tips, always have them in your car! 

Overall, that's pretty much what I carry in my current handbag. What's your must-have item in your bag?

Love, Vera

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