Monday, December 30, 2019


2019 is almost finished! To say this year wasn't a ride was such a vast understatement. I can't believe we're about to enter the new decade in a few days. Can't wait to start a new slate!

Today I want to share my best-of list for each topic that I mostly talk about in this blog. I'm not really blogging much this year, the main reason is that I was so caught up on working my thesis and finished my master's. Now that I finally finished, earned my degree and just chilling waiting for my graduation in February, I'm sure 2020 will start off really good. 

Enough chit-chat, here are my best of 2019... 

2019 is a good year for movie lovers. We got a full-on ride from the worst movie to the best movie that we all deserve. I'd say I watched a lot of movies this year - not that I wasn't in last year, but I was more adventurous than I was in the last few years like I watched horror movies a lot, encouraged myself to watch thrillers. I used to skip horror and thrillers altogether. But here we are, baby step. There are some movies that I'm looking forward to watching such as Little Woman, 1917, The Lighthouse, Jojo Rabit, but I'm not able to watch until next year. 
  1. Avengers: Endgame (dir: Anthony & Joe Russo) 
  2. Marriage Story (dir: Noah Baumbach) 
  3. Parasite (dir: Bong Joon Ho)
  4. Knives Out (dir: Rian Johnson) 
  5. The Irishman (dir: Martin Scorsese) 
  6. Joker (dir: Todd Phillips) 
  7. Us (dir: Jordan Peele) 
  8. Gundala (dir: Joko Anwar)
TV Series 

I rarely talk about tv series in here but I occasionally mention it. Like movies, this year also served us with a good range of tv series. I constantly watching series from time to time. Most of the time before bed - which was not an ideal time to start a series but during the day, I had so many things to do. 
  1. Chernobyl (HBO)
  2. Big Little Lies S2(HBO)
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S6 (NBC) 
  4. Stranger Things S3 (Netflix)
  5. The Politician (Netflix)
  6. Unbelievable (Netflix)
  7. Sex Education (Netflix)
  8. The Kingdom (Netflix) 


The products that I mention here are not particularly new released in this year but more of a new discovery for me. Some of them are indeed new products out in 2019. I combine skincare and makeup products. 
  1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder 
  2. Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Toner 
  3. GlamGlow Supermud Mask 
  4. L'oreal Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence
  5. Lancome L'absolu Rouge in #335 Moderato 
  6. Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel 


So, I pick these songs based on my Spotify's Top Songs 2019. I'm pretty sure they arrange based on how many times I hear this song. Here are ten of my top songs in 2019. And yes, I barely repeat new release songs ;)
  1. Odissea veneziana - Rondò Veneziano 
  2. Can't Make You Love Me - Britney Spears 
  3. On My Way - Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter
  4. Riptide - Vance Joy
  5. River - Ben Platt 
  6. If You Wanna Love Somebody - Tom Odell 
  7. Wings - Birdy 
  8. Malibu - Miley Cyrus 
  9. She's Always a Woman - Billy Joel 
  10. Taking You There - Broods 

I really want to include book here, but I have to be honest I did not read many books this year and those I've read were the ones that I already read in previous years, just some of my favourites that I decided to pick up again. I start reading Find Me by Andre Aciman earlier this month and again, haven't finished it yet. 

What's your favourite in 2019? 

Love, Vera

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