Sunday, June 23, 2019

MOVIE | TOY STORY 4 (2019)

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I don't even know how to begin. This movie, oh gosh, so funny and sad and fun! It adds beautiful, fresh feelings about a relationship between toys and human. Toy Story 4 is the fourth movie that we never expected because in the previous movie, Toy Story 3, we kinda got some sort of ending with Andy was an adult now and he gave his toys to Bonnie. We never expected that we will have this legacy to watch how Bonnie goes and how Woody and everyone does. 

I kinda grew up with Toy Story franchise. The first movie was out in 1995 and I was 3 years old at that time so I didn't watch that movie when it released. I watched the first and second movie when I was at the first grade and it took me more or less 9 years for Toy Story 3 (2010). I was on the year 12 when it came out and it hit me that when I'm finished high school, I'm an adult, just like Andy. And I was crying, so hard on the theatre. It was a strange feeling to grow up with a character in a movie. It was a strange coincidence that I was on the same age with Andy. Now, I'm an adult and I wasn't expected to cry over the fourth movie. But I did. I cried harder than my sister who's 13 years old. 

Toy Story 4 is just as beautiful as we expected. The story goes really well and smooth. The introduction of new characters is very well portrayed and there are some surprises that I also did not expected from this franchise. One of the surprises is this movie has some horror vibe in it. I don't won't to spoil anything but oh my god, I kinda afraid of that dummies. But I guess, because this movie is really funny, the horror is less scary than it should be. 

I love the ending. I guess that's the best way to end this movie, no matter how sad it is but that's the best and that's what each character deserves. 

Ps: Keanu Reeves in the movie. Yes, surprise! 

Love, Vera


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