Monday, June 03, 2019


I'm a lucky girl to be one of the Sephora Indonesia's giveaway winners! The gift was pretty good actually, one of the products from the Caudalie Vinopure range. I'm a big fan of Caudalie especially their beauty elixir and grape water. Back when I lived in Australia, my skin was really dry during winter and these two saved my life. Now I'm back to Indonesia, my skin is breaking out so bad and it is stressed me out! I never had acne in my life, so having acne on my cheeks and chin is a big deal for me. 

Vinopure line claims as a range for combination skin type and specifically for fighting acne. The key ingredients are salicylic acid to decongest skin, grape seed polyphenols to prevent oil from oxidating and diminish blackheads, and a complex of essential oils to provide antiseptic properties and calm the skin. It sounds like a dream, right?

Here's a little before and after I use Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner for a week. 



The before and after picture pretty much explains what this toner does to my skin. It cleanses my skin really well and at the same time treats my pores and my problem area. Whilst the rest of my face feels really smooth. Within a week you can see how beautiful the result is! My only complaint is the smell. It has a very strong, alcohol-y smell. At first, I was a bit worry that this toner would be too harsh on my sensitive skin but nothing happened, so it is only its scent. 

More than that, I'm positive I will continue using this toner on my daily routine. My skin loving it, I love the result as well. Thank you Sephora Indonesia and Caudalie! 

Love, Vera 

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