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"Everyone is scared of something," - Albus Dumbledore

I just didn't know where to start with this review, honestly. I like it but also at the same time, I'm so disappointed with how it turned out especially the ending.

It wasn't a horrible movie but it's not a good Harry Potter prequel. It is simply, oh my goodness can't believe I'd say something like this, the worst Harry Potter movie. The movie answered some of the questions from the previous movie, also some from the Harry Potter franchise. Unfortunately, it left me with more questions that I have beforehand. How was it possible? I have no clue.

As per usual, David Yates did an amazing job at making this movie interesting to start with. Began with some action scenes while introducing the new characters and a new plot. It was one beautiful ride. The film gave us a wonderful visual. For younger viewers, this might be too heavy as in too fast, too dark and too violent at some point. 

However, as the plot began to build, it got messy. It wasn't a horrible mess, it's just really messy I found it hard to follow and recognise where this movie wanted to bring us. Plot-wise, I was a bit disappointed with how it turned out. Especially the ending that left me devastating. Regarding to the title, Crimes of Grindelwald, I don't see any threat at all from him. He was just there, being one of the amazing wizards and influencers, and that's it. 

More about the movie, I love how they balanced its wonderful visual with the stunning original soundtrack. The original Harry Potter theme was giving me chill! I literally cried a bit when I heard the theme! Who wouldn't? As a Potterhead, I haven't heard that song - yes, it's on my head now as I type - in a cinema for a year or so.

In term of the new casting, gosh... couldn't be more grateful to see these actors played their characters. As if they're born to be in this movie. I mean, come on, Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald, Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore, Zoe Kravitz as Leta Lestrange? Who would thought that was the most perfect decision?! Also, Claudia Kim as Nagini is just one of the best casting choices. I felt like she's just perfect for the role. What a pity, this film wasted their amazing talents.

Overall, I wasn't sure if I'm going to watch this movie again - probably not. My usual viewing for Harry Potter movies usually more than five times but for this one, I can't be bothered to pay for another ticket. It's just sad that it wasn't how we expected. But, if you are Potterhead, see how it goes for you. Maybe this is personal preference, maybe it's just me.

Love, Vera

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