Friday, September 21, 2018


My Dad loves classical music - we have three shelves filled with CDs, heaps of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Grainger, Bach, Tchaikovsky and more. So I'm pretty familiar with their music since as long as I remember -  and I love it. Like I said, my music taste is strange from classical to alternative rock to experimental rock. 

I always want to go to the orchestra. It's one of many dreams that I have with Dad - I remember there was one day we were stuck on traffic as per usual and we listened to the classical music, it was almost 7 pm and the sun was setting. We talked about one day we should go to the orchestra concert together and he said, maybe not in Indonesia since it was not really popular. We will, Pip! 

Long story short, I found out my school, Ringwood Secondary College would have a gala concert. Of course, I worked myself to find out more since there was no further info at the school website. Three weeks ago, one of my year 11 students told me that I could book the ticket on a specific link and he emailed me, thanks, Patrick! Later that night, Ben also sent me an email about the event details. Lucky me!! I clicked on the link and booked myself in - and of course, told my parents. 

Last night, the night finally came. I was very excited! While I was getting ready, I facetime my Dad. We talked for about 20 minutes. It was solid a great conversation - a father and daughter, very excited about music. 

So, here are some highlights from last night annual RSC Gala Concert. I didn't have a great sitting position, should have gone 30 minutes earlier! However, I had an absolutely amazing night. I cried when the senior string played Percy Grainger's song (one of my Dad's faves), absolutely beautiful! 

All of the performers!
Senior String
Intermediate Stage Band
Training String
Training Band
Training Stage Band
Senior Choir
Junior Choir
Double Bass Ensemble
Junior Stage Band
Symphony Orchestra
Farewell and award for year 12 and music captains

Love, Vera

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