Saturday, January 20, 2018


Yes, I can't believe it either. 

I mentioned in giving up on dream post that I have been lucky enough to be given another chance which is to be offered a job, abroad, for a year. So here is my story. A story of my new journey. 

Earlier 2017, around mid March, I was so desperate with how my life turned. I had to give up on my dream to study abroad because I was failed again, again, and again on every scholarship I could ever find. I was so unmotivated, felt so blue, even to the point I just didn't want to chase my dreams anymore. I was extremely tired of failure.

By the end of March, my best friend, Rika, told me to apply on special program which is the result of cooperation between Indonesia University of Education (university I'm currently studying - also where I got my Bachelor degree) and Victoria Department of Education and Training (DET). The program called Language Assistant Program - for short, Australia ask for qualified bachelors as language assistants. Since I'm a bachelor of Education, my major is Indonesian Language and Literature Education, I'm perfectly eligible to apply. 

To be frankly honest, when you're on the lowest and someone told you to apply for another shot, it was kinda hard to have motivation. I thought, I'd be competing again, I'd be going through some selections, interviews, whatever. I said 'no' to her and she encouraged me every single day to apply. Actually, she forced me. We even debated once and I was finally said, 'okay I'll try'. I was kinda mad at her. Sorry, babe ;)

Not only Rika, Asri also told me to apply. She and Devi, a good friend of mine, applied also. We collected every document we need, filled the form, and every process to finish the administration process, she and I were going through together. Long story short, three of us pass to the final interview. At this time, I was nervous, obviously. But also didn't have high hope because I learned from those scholarship applications, expectation is the root of heartache and I didn't want to have another heartache because of this. The final interview was great. We did interview in English, and I felt so great about it, I answered every single question with confidence. I mean, I've been trained when I was working on my IELTS. So, yep. 

On May 23, I got a call that I was chosen to be 2018 Language Assistant. I was having lunch with my sister when I got the call and completely stopped eating and hugged her and cried because I had no idea I was gonna get it. Awhile later after crying and re-reading the text to make sure that wasn't a prank call, wasn't a prank text or whatever, I called Asri and she was thrilled. I called Devi, she was thrilled. We all basically very emotional girls on daily basis. I mean, I cry so easily. So big deal like this obviously made me cry.

So, today, I'm happy and proud to say, I'll be moving to Australia. After months of preparation, to name a few: health declaration, health insurance, VISA, booked a flight. The day has finally come. It still feels like a dream. 

The thing about going after your dream is, if one dream failed, the other doors open. One dream can lead to many different things

I never thought I'd be working abroad. I never though in less than a week, I'll be moving to another continent, another country, live with new people, new culture. I'll be all by myself. Life happens unexpectedly and that's great.

This is my last post I wrote in Indonesia. I'm currently sitting on my bed, in the room I've been staying since I was 14, in the house I've been living since I was 5 year old. Now, in my early twenties, I'm moving out from my house, my hometown, my country, to start a new slate.

Australia, here I come.

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