Wednesday, October 18, 2017


from left to right: Timothée Chalamet - Lily Rabe - Anthony Quintal - Lili Reinhart
Right on the first scene, this movie is already captured my attention. The opening scene, featured Rachel Stevens (Lily Rabe) sitting on the theatre room, crying and starring on the stage. When I watched it for the first time back in earlier 2017 - while I was binge watching indie movies, I thought this movie didn't get attention as it should be. It got me so hard on the first scene, kept asking myself what this movie was going to be about. 

Miss Stevens is about a 29 year old english teacher and three high school student who went to a two days trip for attending drama competition somewhere in California. The journey started with the road trip - which they got to know each other more than just teacher and students. Rachel tried so hard to keep the boundaries between her students while three of them were just as comfortable as they talked to their older friend. At first, I wasn't sure why Rachel kept such a boundary while there's nothing wrong with being close with students (I was a high school teacher once) but as the story went, I managed to understand the puzzle.
The main center of this movie is the friendship that built during the weekend getaway between  three students with very different personalities: Billy (played by the incredibly talented Timothée Chalamet), Sam (the OG youtuber, Anthony Quintal) and Margot (the beautiful Lili Reinhart). And of course, their friendship with Rachel herself. The issues their have, the ways they holding up, from my point of view, it captured well, although it could be better. Rachel still grieving over the recent death of her mother, Billy tries to overcome his depression and trust issue among people, Margot who's trying to figure out her talent and what she really wants, and Sam who is an openly gay student trying to find the one.

This movie originally wants to show the difference perspective about problems and how to holding up to the unexpected situation from younger and older generation. The idea of how to manage being professional and being real at the same time, how to express yourself, how to be honest with yourself.   This is about understanding yourself and being vulnerable and strong at the same time. I love the idea of this movie. It didn't try too hard to be meaningful but it actually is. Although, this movie could be better at some point, but really, I don't mind at all. From my perspective, this movie is a lightweight one which is easy to like, but yet still delivers such important point of view. 

Also, you don't want to miss out Chalamet's performance here. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors. I love him since Interstellar but he didn't have much scenes there so it kinda hard to see how amazing he is. But here, four thumbs up! 

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