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Hello? How are you? Yes, I mean, how do you feel after Game of Thrones season 7 finale? 

Yeah, it's quite heartbreaking but also satisfying

I finally finished this review. It took me quite long time because first, I rewatch the entire season 7. Second, I need time, okay? It's hard for me to wait until 2019. If you're an OG fan like I do, you would know. We've come so far. We've been through a lot. Like, a lot.

Raise your hand if you're traumatized by Game of Thrones! 

Not quite sure how to start to review this season so I'm just gonna say it. I love it as much as I love the previous seasons. It's epic, for sure, but still, as we've come so far, I expected more.

Before I jump into the review, I want to mention that this is a spoilers filled review. If you haven't watch the season, or maybe the series, you don't want to read this post. I also proudly say this is my second collaboration with my best friend, Asri, go check her blog as well ;)

We learned a lot throughout this season: Daenerys finally arrived in Dragonstone, she and Jon were finally met and fell in love (yes yes I'm Jonerys trash), Cersei was pregnant (but really?), Gendry was no longer rowing (thank God!), Sam went to Winterfell (and stole Gilly's moment!), Jorah was back and healed thanks to Sam!, the truth about who's behind Joffrey's assassination, Arya came back to Winterfell and reunited with Sansa and heartless BranPetyr Baelish finally dead in Aria's hand, Jon's real name, the white walkers army was getting closer!


Let me explain a bit

We all agree, in terms of epic drama with so many surprises, Game of Thrones has always been outstanding in every season for the last 6 years and season 7 is no exception. To say that this season is disappointing would be such a vast understatement. The way they provided answers to questions we had before and kinda swung us a little bit with how they showed the answers. For example, I love how they revealed the truth behind Joffrey's death. We did know it wasn't Tyrion, but we never knew who did this until now. It was Olenna Tyrell and she revealed last minute before her death. Dear God, that's so unbelievably cool!

As much as I like Aiden Gillen's performance on GoT but I'm so satisfied with how Baelish came to his death. First of all, let's talk about Stark siblings bound a little bit. Bran's arrival wasn't as good as we expected, so did how Arya arrived. It was like... yeah okay they finally arrived, finally home. Nothing emotional just like how we wanted to (because how painful it was these precious three kids going through). Things were getting a little bit sketchy - I swear I thought Arya was going to kill Sansa, and I was so freakin' mad with Bran and his silence. There's one time I just felt like... why did Bran and Arya came back to Winterfell if they didn't even do something meaningful? Then... bam! Sansa was killing it with how badass she charged Baelish when everyone thought she was going to charge Aria. It was one of the most satisfying deaths on GoT. I kinda felt how Sansa, Bran and Arya were protecting each other in their own ways and sure, things gonna be lot better in Winterfell, right?

Like I said, I'm Jonerys trash. So let's talk about that. Shall we?

Daenerys' first arrival on Dragonstone was so precious. I got chills, seriously! Her eyes told more about how she felt because obviously she didn't say much rather than "shall we begin?" and that's so amazing to hear! She kinda annoying for the first three episodes - so bitchy, arrogant and ambitious. But we kinda understand why she acted like that, because this whole time she was wandering around the world, gave people freedom and let them chose without pressure. Now she was finally home, with three dragons, undefeated armies of Unsullied and the barbarian Dothraki, she basically so powerful. She finally achieved something she always wanted: home. Of course she wanted to be taken seriously when she and her people came closer to the throne - she wanted to be seen as true Queen and it wasn't wrong at all. The only thing that's terrible was the way she expressed herself when she almost had everything. It kinda annoying but also understandable.

Jon and Davos were finally arrived at Dragonstone to fulfill Daenerys' invitation and also, to mine the legendary dragonglass. I love how Jon and Daenerys' first meeting was kinda awkward but also still had strength from both parties. Jon came without nothing but his wish to mine, while Daenerys wanted Jon to bend the knee and be her ally. The way Jon explained his wish carefully, the way Daenerys forced him to bend the knee - we kinda got this idea of them having romantic tension. I have to say, thou they're great together, I feel like their chemistry kinda forced at some points because simply, this season was too short.

There's drama that has been going on for awhile - the pro and cons because of this new relationship. Jon was practically Daenerys' nephew and if we thought about it, it's really gross. However, incest is not something new on Game of Thrones. I mean, Daenerys herself is a result of incest, Cersei and Jaime, the Lannister twin, had three children from their relationship. I think, it kinda normal if Jon (or should we start to call him Aegon?) and Daenerys have real relationship, probably get pregnant someday, married at some point. Targaryen known for incest because they didn't want to ruin  the genetics. Man, I don't know. We never knew. Also, Jon is the true heir of Iron Throne, never been a bastard.

The meeting at King's Landing is probably one of my favorite scenes in this season. The Queens were finally met, so much hate going on between those people there, and Euron was an asshole as per usual. The white walker's demonstration was good, Tyrion and Jon explained and convinced that this whole game of thrones was bananas because this was the real war, the great war between them and the dead armies. It was believable and smooth until Cersei was willing to join Jon and Daenerys unless Jon extended the truce. She wanted the game to take the throne was only for her and Daenerys and Jon had to be on her side. Of course Jon refused because he already called Daenerys 'my queen' yap that's scene that made my heart melted. The truce wasn't as smooth as they planned before. duh.

Cersei knew Daenerys was her only competitor, so that's why she wanted Jon to be on her side. But knowing Jon was already gave his oath to Daenerys made her hair burned. She knew from the very first time, she had nothing but losing the game. But it wasn't Cersei Lannister if she didn't make everything about her and nothing more. She played the trick and fooled everyone, even Tyrion. Not until Jaime found out. I think her pregnancy was nothing but a lie. She needed someone to be loyal to her, she needed Jaime and what better way to keep him stay? Pregnant. But in the end, her arrogance and evilness being boomerang. I'm so thankful that Jaime chose to leave, although not quite sure where he was heading.

Enough with people's drama, let's talk about dragons' drama. Yes. Our precious Viserion was killed when Daenerys came to rescue Jon and his suicide squad (dear Jon, it was so cool but stupid, honey). The Night King now had one ice dragon. I repeat, ICE DRAGON. The white walker armies already had giants, corpses, and other weird creatures and now dragon? How are we supposed to cope in that? So scary! Drogon and Rhaegal lost their brother and that was so heartbreaking! I can't imagine how it would be when they fight against ice dragon Viserion.

The final episode is so intense. It's really dang good! That time when the Night King and his armies came closer to the wall. Yes, when ice dragon Viserion burned down the whole - made the wall as a first defense is completely bananas, and the white walkers just walked easily passed the ruined wall. It's epic, terrifying but yet so satisfying to watch! Do you understand the dilemma?

I have to be honest, I love this season so much. I think it's really great and compelling. The characters development are great although the dialogue at some point could be better. It makes us want more and more each week.

However, it's also the problem. We really need to see more because simply, this season is too short - like in a rush. Honestly, in term of plot and story telling, this season could be better. With only 7 episodes, we wanted to know more than just what we already saw. Yes, we learned much, but the ways it provided were not as good as previous seasons. It felt like hurried! Jon had been traveled a lot but the Night King and his armies were surprisingly walked so slow - too slow. It didn't make any sense because we did know they've been walking since forever and they didn't get anywhere near Westeros until the last episode. What?

Game of Thrones is no doubt one of the most gorgeous looking tv show in the history but this season could be better. By the end of the season finale, we had so many questions. Right? Well, I do.

  1. Was it ice or still fire that Viserion was spewing at the wall? Or the blue glow was the combination of both? 
  2. Why is Tyrion looking so worried and sad when Jon came into Daenerys' room?
  3. What will happen to the Vale because Petyr Baelish is dead? 
  4. How Jon and Daenerys will react to the truth about Aegon Targaryen? Should we start to call him Aegon Targaryen now? Jon Snow is way cooler, I think.
  5. When is season 8 aired? Can it be now? 
What do you think about Game of Thrones season 7? Thank you for reading! xx 




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