Thursday, August 31, 2017


Despite the constant change on hair and makeup trends, some of the best timeless advices we have gotten come from an incredible woman called Mom. I learned so much about beauty stuff from my Mom, at age 46 her skin is incredible, she looks younger and definitely so beautiful inside and out. 

I remembered back when I was four or five, I loved watching her getting ready. I would be sitting on the vanity while she was applying eyeshadow or lipstick. My love for makeup grown so much and as I get older, I can do my own makeup thou it's still far from good at it. 

There are some beauty advices that I keep in mind. Without further do, here are beauty tips from my momma... 

Drink enough water 

Not really on beauty routine, but water has so many benefits for you. It's healthy, obviously. It also makes your skin and hair glowing from inside, moisturize our skin really well. 


This probably the first advice she ever told me. She taught me to always taking care my skin starting with moisturizing it well. Not only my face, but also my body, my hair, even my nails. Always choose moisturizer that is gentle and suits your skin type.

Never go to bed with makeup on

This is a big no. No matter how late I get home, how tired I am, I always deep cleansing my face just like how my momma taught me: use oil based makeup remover for eyes and lips, milk cleanser for the face then use gentle face cleanser/face wash. 

Keep your hands away from the face 

If it's not an urgent situation, do not ever touch your face. You won't remember what your hands hold into. Even your phone has so many bacterias on it. ew!

Sunscreen is a must

This is her secret. She never skip wearing sunscreen so that's why her skin is still this good although she's 46 now. Apply your skin care not only on your face, but also your neck and the rest of your body. 

Less is more 

I couldn't agree more with this one. Less is more applies on everything. My mom taught me to never over do your makeup. It's good to wear full makeup occasionally but on every day basis, embracing what we already have is great. The first makeup lesson she taught me 13 years ago was stick to the basic: brows, lashes, powder, blush and lip balm. To be frankly honest, that's what we actually need.

Have a good lifestyle 

Few years ago when I was working on my thesis, my mom got angry because I kept overworking myself. Yes, I forgot to eat, to pee, to sleep and that wasn't healthy lifestyle. She took my laptop for three days so I could manage my life. I ate well, sleep well, and even got myself to watch movie. I learned, even thou we have so many things to do, we live for now, so we have to manage time well without over stressing things. 

Smile and body positive 

With a beautiful smile, mind and heart, a girl can conquers the world. When I was five, I fell from the bike and my knees were scratched pretty bad. I was crying, of course, but then while she cleaned up the blood and the dirt from my knee, she said, "you are beautiful when you cry, but you are the most beautiful when you smile. your smile is the prettiest thing I've ever see, it's unreal." So I don't grow up with the terms of ugly crying face because my mom told me to always feel and be pretty, to always have positive mind and heart. 

What's your favorite beauty advice from the most important woman from your life? Thanks for reading, xx 

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