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Back in 2008, I was a hardcore Twilight fan - no shame for this fact. I still do, until now. I think the story is beautiful in one way, thou another way it makes no sense and such a cheesy story. But hey, let's be honest, we all do like cheesy romance story, right? 

I've read the books more than once - ten times, probably. I watched the first movie, so many times. I used to watch it everyday for a month, silly, I know, because I like it so much. So having read the book and watch the movie over and over again, I'm pretty much know the script - like I know what Bella is going to say or what Edward is going to do. 

Twilight is a part of my early teenager life. It is part of my transition from little girl to a teen, the phase when I was finding for my actual self and I have no shame on it. Back then, I was dreaming of having perfect boyfriend like Edward Cullen: kind, loving, protective one. Now, I still do want one who can understand me, who can loves me for who am I not what I can give to him. Don't get me wrong, I do not want 180 year old vampire to be my boyfriend. 

More than about love story, for me, Twilight was also somehow helping me to understand about the whole family drama situation - not every parent is perfect, not every family is understand each other. Although it wasn't that deep, but still, it was kinda helping me. Long short story, it's just a movie on that year that somewhat meant for teenagers, filled their imagination. I'm not saying it is a good example for young girls, it is not, Bella is turning herself down for Edward, willing to become vampire only to be with hime forever, that is a big NO. As for entertainment, for filling your imagination, it's nice. 


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