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I enjoy movie so much - much more, I love watching movie. For me, book, movie and song are some that help me through my bad days. When I'm feeling sad, my escape are either movie or song. There are some movies that company me on my tears days, but I have one that always works. 

CLUELESS (1995) it is. I discovered this movie probably 10 years ago, and on the first watch I knew this movie is one of my most favorite movies. This movie makes me forget about my sadness, all of those things that worry me. 

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is someone that really youthful, cheerful and I think that's why I feel happy whenever I watch Clueless, because I see the world from Cher's perspective in this movie. She's naive but at the same time, she's also being true to herself, not worrying what others think. 

Growing up, I realize one of my weakness is I think about what others might be think about me, what others might be say about how I live my life, my decision, what I wear and everything. Now, as I get older and hopefully wiser, I embrace all of my flaws and use it as my wings to be better. That's what I see on Cher. She's not afraid to be who she is, either it is society expected or not. Cher is someone that always have ideas and bracing her creativity. 

More than her character, the story of this movie is also important. Clueless somewhat teaches us to be kind, about friendship and love. The perfect amount of drama, romance and comedy are the keys to why the final product is pretty much making me smile. The story is so easy to understand, so relatable even right now, 22 years later. 

Every character in this movie is actually great too: Josh (Paul Rudd), Dionne (Stacey Dash), Tay (Brittany Murphy), Murray (Donald Faison) and even Cher's Dad (Dan Hedaya) are very funny. They all pretty much show different kind of people in real life. 

Which movie that makes you happy? Let me know! xx 


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