Friday, June 16, 2017



Well, today is a lot easier because honestly I have one most favorite actress from all great actresses out there. I adore him since I was little, and now, nothing's change. I've never talked about her deeply on my blog so today is the day.

Nicole Kidman 

Who doesn't know her? This woman needs more awards than she already have because she deserves it. She's immensely talented and always brings so many emotions into her characters no matter how small or big it is. She's also always brave to choose character and knows how to tell audience the story behind her characters, knows how to bring her characters into life without forcing it.

Her role on Stoker is one of the best roles she ever had. The movie is unusual, her character is both lovely and terrifying but she can delivers it gracefully. It also happens on Lion, which is really emotional movie and she plays emotional character. It's beyond amazing.

I'm fully aware that she does acting because she loves it, no wonder her work ethic is equally amazing. What I know from interviews, she takes her roles seriously. Her latest and her best so far, Celeste Wright on Big Little Lies, HBO original mini-series, is probably the most amazing character I've ever seen in tv shows/series. As audience, I can sense her feelings and not every actress can deliver that as best as Nicole did.

I can't wait to watch her upcoming movies! 

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