Tuesday, June 06, 2017



My favorite movie from childhood is of course, A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004). I was 11 year old back then and so into this movie. I practically watched this movie every single day - every time I just got back from school or before I went to bed. I really love this movie, even now, I still do. Netflix has done the series with the same title, and I love it too. Thou not as much as I love the original movie.

It has a very special place in my heart because the main characters, Violet (Emily Browning) and Klaus (Liam Aiken) somehow taught me to love, to protect my siblings. They also taught be never be afraid to be smart and creative. So for an eleven year old girl, watched this movie and inspired by it was a great deal. 

The story is actually very scary, at some point not really appropriate for younger viewers but I was okay with it, my parents watched it with me. Now - of course I watch it without my parents, lol - I still appreciate every scenes, never thought to skip any part of it. I love this movie so much.

This movie based on Daniel Handler's books and to be honest, I haven't read the book yet. I always keen to read it, tried to find it on my local book stores but I got nothing. So please, let me know if you know where to buy the physical book or e-book because I can't. 


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