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Week ago, I watched the second installment to Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, with a good amount of excitement and expectation because the first movie was good, right? As I sat comfortably on the theater, watched the movie while eating my popcorn and drinking my soda, I laughed so much. I was so mesmerized with how beautiful the visual was. But... as I got home, I had mixed feelings about the story. 

Since the beginning, this franchise is a gamble. While every superhero movie presented their best characters with superpowers, Marvel released talking raccoon, creepy but cute tree with lots of branches, a green Alpha woman, and ex-wrestler with weird tattoos. People were crazy about the first movie because it packed with great visual, perfect humor and interesting story. Least to say, it took Marvel to whole new level of their superhero movies.

Welcome back, Star Lord! 

The second movie or should I call, Vol.2 - begins with the Guardians doing their job per usual. I have to say this is one of my favorite movie opening scenes. So fresh, so funny, while doing that credits. I like how it still has the element of weird but awesome but also kinda confuse. 

The story now centered in Peter's background. He finally met his Dad, Ego who is apparently owns a really dazzling planet. Ego is like a God, he creates everything by his hands and even planted huge brain as his core. At first, I get the whole Ego's story and even suspected his motive because I noticed there's none except him and Mantis in that beautiful planet. Then, the story turns really weird. I mean, his core is just huge human brain. Really? I thought it would be even more awesome if the core is not human brain. I get it, Ego creates everything based on how he imagines, but this is his planet core, his power core. 

I also didn't see him really dangerous. Of course, he wants every planet in the galaxy becomes him, that's really dangerous but I think it's like so force to be dangerous. It happens so fast! Why? Because too many subplots in this movie, like the whole Nebula-Gamora thing and yep, that Ravagers deal.

Well, it's safe to say that everyone in MCU has daddy issue, right? Because come on, every dad in the story is literal fuckboy :| 

I like the chemistry between the characters in this movie more than the first one - probably because in this movie they've been together for awhile. Although I'm not sure how long it is, not sure when this movie takes place or maybe I didn't pay attention. I like how Peter and Gamora still have their snide romance feelings, how Baby Groot is like their children and how Drax still laughing at everything. But I don't like Rocket's character development because for me, it doesn't really matter to the whole story and he becomes so easy to forget. What a pity.

Visually, this movie is beautiful, very colorful, very alive. I feel like living in a new world where I paint and everything becomes real. Like living in paint colors and I love it so much! I love every color, every aspect of this movie. It's for sure a beautiful movie, with a touch of awesome soundtrack, great acting, good amount of comedy. Basically, this movie is so easy to like - so likable, so related.

However, I have two questions - things that I don't understand on the first place.

  1. Why did Ayesha need to hire the guardians? - The Sovereign is so powerful, they own space fighters and lots of resources, we did see how cool their battle crafts and skill were, right? So why did they need to hire other people to protect their precious batteries? 
  2. Why did Ego kill Peter's mom? - Is it really necessary? It didn't make any sense to me. Ok I get it that Ego has not only one wife but millions wives that come from different world and shape, but did he really need to kill his wives? Why don't he just leave her on earth and continue to you know, find other wives to reach his goal? 
my favorite, Baby Groot
I also want to point out one of the post credit scenes, the one which Ayesha with messy hair seemed talking to someone and called her plan, a golden mechanical cocoon with Adam. Did we talk about Adam Warlock? YES! So this is the red line to Infinity War *clap clap clap* and I'm so thrilled! I'm beyond excited for all MCU movies in the future!! 

(if you happen to have no idea about Adam Warlock, please read this article. Pretty much explain everything!)

Thanks for reading! xx 

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