Thursday, June 01, 2017



This is so hard to choose! I have lots of favorite drama movies from each year! But I have to say, Lion (2016) probably my most favorite drama movie. It's fairly new, I know, but I know this is the most beautiful drama movie I watched so far. 

Lion puts so many perspectives that I can think of. It's so brilliant to write such a deep, full of circumspection and beauty, with ability to bring audience to think, to feel so many emotions. Not only the story is the most beautiful story I've ever witnessed in a movie, the finished product of it also very beautiful. The directing, the acting, the setting, the timing from one to another sequence, the original soundtrack, every aspect is exquisite. 

Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman are both no doubt great actors, but in this movie, they're amazing. Their characters are already written greatly and they portrayed it beautifully. They deliver great performance to share such an astonishing story. I can't praise enough of this movie, for me personally this movie deserves more attention that it got.


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