Tuesday, May 30, 2017



I'm not a big fan of hardcore action movie, I hate seeing people being punched, killed, stabbed or even worse, murdered. I hate seeing blood in the movie. So won't get straight up action movies as my answer. 

To answer this question, I have quite long list of favorite action/adventure movie. So, just like I did in my day 1, I'll make it short. Over 2016 until today, my favorite is of course, Captain America: Civil War (2017). The reasons? Easy. 

This movie is my most favorite from all three Captain America franchise, because the story is so well written, brilliant directing, on point acting game, and tolerable action scenes (people punched people, things threw up in the air, so many bones were broken). This movie adds more to MCU theories, opened up to so many chances of Infinity War, I just found it very great. I mean, it is a superhero movie, it tells about fantasy world, nonsense superpower but at the same time, it is so true. 

Captain America always been my favorite. Not only because he is Chris Evans, but also because his character is the most human and has a very big heart. His life choices sometimes seem stupid but if you look more closely, you will understand because it is so relatable to real life. I think that's what people will do in real life. 

I did my in-depth spoiler free review here if you're interested to read more. 

What's your favorite action/adventure movie? If it's not hardcore action, I might be checking it out! ;)

Courtesy of Captain America: Civil War


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