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I haven't watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie because duh school assignments, so the last movie I went to was Alien: Covenant (2017). I'm a huge fan of sci-fi-fi movie, I love Ridley Scott's movies, I love Prometheus so much but... I have to say, I have mixed feelings about this one. 

I like it provides answers from previous movies (it is a sequel to Prometheus and prequel to the Alien trilogy), but also triggers more questions? I don't know. 

Ps. This is a spoiler free short review. 

It still is a visually beautiful movie - the new planet is breathtaking, nothing compares to Ridley Scott's mind when it comes to terrific ideas about Alien, it has so many gorgeous scenes with Alien and weird thingy from the other planet. It's pretty scary at some point, pretty cool action scenes. There's one very brilliant scene when one character was trying to convince the other character, trying to make up his mind and for me that was very clever. I think that's the best scene ever in entire movie!

Michael Fassbender in this movie is an Oscar-worthy person. His acting game is so strong, so natural, so brilliant! However, the rest of the cast just fine. I don't understand, the actors in this movie are great people but their acting, their characters are just bland. Their characters are so dumb I found myself so pissed off to them the whole movie. 

Honestly, Prometheus is still better movie. I'm one of those people who like watching movie with great characters, great story line, and of course, visually beautiful. I think movie is not only entertainment but I also like to think about it. 

If you're like me, who appreciate every aspect of movie, you won't found this movie enjoyable because so many things bother you. But if you're just want to watch movie about alien, not really care about the production aspect, I think you're gonna like it. 

Have you watched Alien: Covenant? What do you think? 

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