Sunday, May 28, 2017



Start with good, classic question! It should be easy to answer but honestly it is HARD. I mean I have lots of favorite movies, right? 

To short the list, let's make it favorite movie over 2016 to mid 2017. It's still hard to choose, but it's easier. 

I have four favorite movies over 2016 until now, but I have to say LA LA LAND (2016) still is my most watched and of course, really punched me in the heart. 

For me personally, it's more than just about romance story which the girl and the boy who met by accident, fell in love, things didn't work out and then the broke up. La La Land has a very special place in my heart because it tells us about dreams, about choices, and about perspective. 

As someone who is currently fighting for her dreams, trying her best to turn her dreams into plans, this movie shows different perspective of ambition and love. It shows me, respectively, that everything has its own consequences and not everything will turn out as expected, not everything has to be perfect. 

I cried so much during the movie. It's so beautiful visually, probably the most beautiful modern musical movie I've ever watched. The acting is on point, no doubt. The story is so perfectly written, I couldn't describe how much it means to me. 

courtesy of La La Land from the official website


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