Monday, November 14, 2016


Today I wanna share my playlist as usual because it changes so often, like adding new songs or adding old songs that I'm falling in love back. I just love to share my current favorite songs because you know... sharing story ;)

  1. Another Universe - Bastion feat. Katelyn Tarver 
  2. Bootstraps - Fortyfive 
  3. Do You Love Me Too - Tessa Violet & Rusty Clanton
  4. Falling in Love - Dennis Kruissen 
  5. Hide with Me - Sebastian Forslund 
  6. Illegal - Fareoh feat. Katelyn Tarver 
  7. Love Me Now - John Legend
  8. Million Reasons - Lady Gaga 
  9. Remember - Black Caviar Music feat. Ramone Jones, Kylie Lynch & Oh Gosh Leotus
  10. Turning Page - Sleeping At Last 

What are your current favorite songs? Let me know! Xx 

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