Thursday, June 09, 2016


I change a lot, both the bag and what I've been carry inside. I go through every single bag I have - small, medium or big bags in different occasion. I got this Charles and Keith handbag for quiet awhile actually, probably almost 9 or 10 months and this is my most used bag ever since. It's big enough to carry what I need during the day but also small and comfortable enough for everyday bag. 

Here are the things I always carry inside:


It's a Louis Vuitton and I have this wallet for a really long time. It's a very good quality wallet so I don't have to change until it's broken lol. I have my cards and some cash - you never know when you need it thou. I also have ibuprofen and paracetamol in case I need it, well have to be prepared you never know ;)


This is the second most important thing if I have to go out. I use iPhone 5s and it gets slower for using it for years now. I really want to upgrade to iPhone 6 SE but it hasn't available in my country yet. I don't really like bigger phone so that's why, iPhone 6 or 6s is not my choice. 

Makeup Pouch 

I never bring much makeup in daily basis, sometimes I leave it at home. What I always have in my pouch is concealer, compact powder, chapsticklipstick and a small mirror. Although for lipstick I switch up a lot depend on my makeup that day. 

Notebook & Pen 

I love writing down some ideas for blog or writing prompts, what I want to buy, and everything basically. I can use my note app on my phone but I just love being old fashioned girl. 

Tissue & wipes 

You know... it's handy to always have these things when you're not home. I love being prepare for everything. 

Hand sanitiser 

This is important for me because I hate getting my hands dirty. I can use wipes but if it's only my fingers, save the wipes and use this. Guys, the world is dirty. 


This is the perfume I always have on my bag because it's very small and easy to use. It's Victoria Secret's Angels Only rollerballs perfume. Although I use different perfume when I walk out from home, no perfumes are stay all day, right? So when it is already 7 to 10 hours, or whenever I need it, I roll some on my neck and wrists. Easy! Also, it smells so good!

Baby Cream 

I have OCD. I always need to get my hands moisture no matter what. This is cheaper option (and also way better) for hand cream. I love to switch up between my hand cream and baby cream. 

Thanks for reading! Xx. 


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