Monday, June 27, 2016


God this is the hard one to answer because there are so many great beauty gurus out there! Well, if I have to choose five out of them, here they are... 

Her videos are amazing! From the most basic makeup look to the most dramatic one, or any makeup tips and hacks, skin care recommendation, long short story she is an amazing one! I love how she always so open and honest to her viewers and how relatable she is, take for the note she always makes me laugh because she's darn so hilarious! She's basically my most favourite beauty guru!

I believe everything this girl recommends and always want to try whenever she uploads videos. Her makeup tutorial is also one to die for. I love how she does her eye makeup because it always turns out really pretty - darn it, she has a really beautiful pair of eyes! 

Same as Jaclyn, Carli also shares some of the most dramatic makeup look but she tends to play on eyes while Jaclyn plays both on eyes and lips. She also shares so many workout and vegan tips which are very helpful. Plus, her boyfie is the one that you're not supposed to be missing ;) 

She's so real and the true definition of I don't give a fuck in person. She's hilarious and shares so many beautiful and amazing makeup look! Her plus point is of course, every year she posts Eid makeup look and makes us muslim and hijabi women feel so inspired!


This Aussie babe is like combination of Kat and Carli. Her feminineness, politeness and cuteness, definitely the combination. So many great videos of makeup tutorial and also recommendations. She also like to travel and vlog for us so we don't get fomo. Friendly reminder, she's literally a real life Barbie! So beautiful and sweet!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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