Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Hello everyone! 

I have so many bloggers I like but let me make a simple to answer this question. Here's my top 5 bloggers list that I think you should check out. 

1. FLEUR DE FORCE - Beauty & Lifestyle blogger/vlogger 

Fleur De Force, UK based blogger & vlogger
What I love about her: She always true to her opinions! She says what she thinks although she is paid for those products she's reviewing. She recommends real good products either it is drugstore or high-end product! I love watching her YouTube channel, for me she's one of those beauty vloggers who actually reviews something. Her book, The Glam Guide is also something you should own and read! I learned so much about beauty and fashion (and a bit of lifestyle) from that book. Can't wait for her new upcoming book! 

Check her on: YouTube & blog 

2. LISA ELDRIDGE - Professional Makeup Artist (blogger & blogger)

Lisa Eldridge, Professional MUA
What I love about her: She's the real beauty guru! She explains everything on her videos and posts as great as your favourite teacher! I feel like taking online beauty class from her. 

Check her onYouTube & blog 

3. PRETTY LITTLE FAWN - Fashion blogger

Courtney Halverson, actress & author of Pretty Little Fawn
What I love about her: Her style is so unique! She has this quirky, hippy, vintage, unique style and it makes you fall in love with her whenever you see her post! Not only she posts about fashion (and also her wedding post! She's getting married soon!) but sometimes she shares bit about beauty. On the note, she's an actress as well! 

Check her on: blog

4. POSITIVELY PRESENT - Life advise blogger

Dani DiPirro, author of Positively Present 
What I love about her: her beyond amazing positiveness about life! I learn so much from her blog. I learn so much to be a positive and better person. I can't thank her enough! 

Check her on: blog 

5. HEROINE IN HEELS - Lifestyle blogger 

Laura Hyatt, author of Heroine in Heels 
What I love about her: It's all about London! I love England, I love London so maybe that's why. But, we see so many beautiful things about England, but mostly about London through her eyes. She has a really nice fashion style as well!

Check her on: blog 

Thanks for reading! Xx. 

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