Monday, June 06, 2016


Hello, everyone! 

This is the first post of my 30 days questions series (still working on the name. I could use a bit help!). I want to write more on this Ramadhan, so I collect some questions that came to my tumblr inbox, and answer it here. I think it will be fun and less boring, right? 

Here we go! 


At first, I made this blog just for subscribe to my favourite bloggers. Later on, I really want to make my own post, I want my writing read by other people, I want to inspire other people, I want to share. The first one or two years, I wrote using two languages: Indonesian and English, but I decided to write full in English so I can practice more. 

Now, for years I've been blogging about everything I love, I always want to write and share with people. I want to share my thoughts, my opinions, my point of view of something either it is something that I agree or disagree. For example, movie review. Most of my reviews are positive but in every post, I always share something that I don't really like or disagree. 

I enjoy writing blog. When people ask why are you still writing thou you barely had comments? Well, most of my comments come to my tumblr inbox, and although I didn't have one, I don't really care. Because I do what I like, I do something that I enjoy. So basically, this blog is for me. The main reason why I start this blog, why I keep writing is for me, for my pleasure. 

I'm a big believer of 'you do you' and this blog is one of those thing that I do for myself. If my posts are at least helping one person, I'll be very grateful. I learn by trying to constantly blogging and have opinions in everything, help you to see more perspective. So, my blog is no longer for fun but for me to learn. 

Thanks for reading! Xx.

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