Saturday, March 12, 2016


This product wasn't new but I just recently discovered and tried it. I bought this primer (+ brightener) probably three months ago. At first, I didn't like it. It has pinkish colour, liquid formula but it doesn't brighten anything. Instead, it dries out my under eyes and areas where I want it to be bright.

Two weeks ago, I tried this only on my eye lids before I put my eyeshadows. It didn't dry and held the eyeshadows for more than 14 hours! It works one hundred per cent better on bare skin! When I first tried it, I use it after I applied my foundation and concealer. Yes, I put concealer on my eye lids because they are quite veiny. Now I know, I don't have to. Because, this primer is also cover those veins. Yay!

It comes in stick tube with pencil brush so it's easy to apply. All you have to do just round the bottom of the tube and the product will comes out from the brush. It's also small enough, handy for traveling. I recommend this product if you're looking for drugstore eye primer. If you're looking for brightener primer, this one is not for you.

But, one more thing. This product didn't brighten your lids. It works the same as my concealer, to cover veins on my lids and to hold my eyeshadows. I was hoping it worked both ways because brightener primer makes your eye colour pop and also makes your eyeshadows look prettier. 

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