Monday, March 14, 2016


The weather is really confusing in where I live. It can be really bright sunny day and then in a couple of hours, it's raining! and by raining, I mean heavy rain. darn it!

Here's my playlist on rainy days. Some songs are new releases or new discovered, the rest of the songs are just my favourites. Enjoy!

  1. Another Love - Tom Odell 
  2. Believe - Mumford and Sons
  3. Could You Be Home - Heffron Drive
  4. Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
  5. Fixing a Broken Heart - Indecent Obsession 
  6. Love Alone - Katelyn Tarver 
  7. One Last Time - Ariana Grande
  8. The Fault in Our Stars - Troye Sivan
  9. Wild Horses - Birdy
  10. Wings - Birdy

Thanks for reading! Xx

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