Saturday, January 23, 2016


ROOM is wonderful! It's an amazing story like none! I usually have second thought about sad story involves mother-son relationship but this is beyond my imagination!

This movie is magnificent, brilliant, tough, original and has some of the best acting I've seen in years!

Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson are two amazing talented actors who put the success of this movie. Their great chemistry, bonding of Ma and Jack, I can feel their feelings! Every single one! This is a movie that gets under your skin from the start. You can't take your eyes away from where this film will go from the beginning to the end. It's a raw look at a life of a mother and child from the start to the finish.

Room is a very depressing movie full of redemption that will make you cry sadness one minute then tears of joy the next. The very idea of kidnapping is depressing. But it also shows the importance of family. Ma and Jack love each other more than anything, and we feel it.

Throughout the movie, I can feel Ma's sadness, hurt, hopelessness and even happiness. Brie Larson gives one the best performance of the year! She's really a great young talented actress! Jacob Tremblay is insanely brilliant! He's really young but yet he kicked older actors' butts with his great acting skill to present this role. I can say he deserves Oscars thou! Jack is so innocent and scared to everything outside Room because he never saw it before, not in real life. All he knew is room, Ma and TV. 

The story is so well written and great development of characters. I already watched this movie six times and still crying! We see mostly from Jack's perspective, follows Jack's journey to welcome the real world. Everything is so interesting and catch our attention. I can't even drink my lemonade, I was too busy to watch this movie and didn't want to miss anything!

I can say this movie is an Oscars worthy! A highly recommended movie!

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