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I haven't read the book, to be honest, it's always hard for me to read science fiction books. I have to be in certain mood to read those. I feel like such a bad reader.

First of all, I have to be honest. I underestimated this movie ever since I watched the trailer. Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain in one movie again after Interstellar (even thou they didn't have any scenes together) and for me, it looked like the second movie for Gravity or Interstellar or both.

Second of all, with no means, I truly like this movie. I felt so bad to have such a negative opinion when I watched the trailer (but hey, I wasn't the only one) because it is really a great movie in every aspect. Yes, I still thinking The Martian is like Gravity, Elysium and Interstellar in one. So, it's like, mash up? I don't know.

Before we jump on my opinion about this movie, I want to give you a friendly reminder that this post might be contain spoilers :) 

The Martian has such a great casts! People like Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Bean, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig, Sebastian Stan and of course Matt Damon. They all do an amazing job in their roles. We all are agree with that! They are so freaking cool in this movie!

The story itself is one truly brilliant story. I always wondering how people can make such amazing stories about space and/or space adventure when the writers are not an astronaut, never went to the planet itself, but they can make believable story and make people who read (and watch) it believe there's such thing like living in other planet. It is just an amazing talent I think.

Survive in another planet with some leftovers food is nothing but crazy. Mark Watney (Matt Damon) needs to think how to survive in Mars before people from earth come to bring him home. He's a botanist so he knows how to make water (my jaws dropped when I knew we can make water! crap!) and also how to plant potato from his (and his friends) shit, literally, shit aka feces. We see how Mark is getting thinner and stress because who wouldn't thou? There's no guarantee someone would come to pick him up.  

This movie has a great amount of drama and also comedy. I cried a little, I laughed a lot. The original score was amazing and adds real feeling to the scenes, everything is just right in place and I think the director did a great job! Well done, Ridley Scott

Everything is great! I don't see any bad effects or any disturbing CGI and sound effect. I wonder, is it true that Mars is like desert like in this movie? 

One thing that I don't quiet understand and also a little bit confuse and disagree, the opening scenes are so in a rush. I didn't get the chance to understand what motive this Ares 3 group doing in Mars and who are they actually. I wish I could see more of the group together before the storm and Matt gone. I mean, I wish I could see more of their bonds because the idea of this movie, the Ares 3 is like family but for me, no, I didn't see any of it.

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