Friday, October 02, 2015


I can't compare about the book and movie because I haven't read the book yet

Ever since I saw the trailer I was driven towards seeing Dark Places. Firstly, I like Charlize Theron as an actress and a woman and I enjoy seeing her characterizations which often are full of depth which divides great actors from good ones. The poster itself was quite interesting to look at.

The movie starts out slow as the build up takes you through the story, nicely put together and the only things that I didn't feel fit were the reminisces of the past where the film style changed and didn't quite blend in. The acting for the most part was very well played, and of course Charlize Theron pulled her weight as always. The story-line was sort of soft yet it played in well with the help of the acting. 

The rest of the casts are actually amazing for me, Nicholas Hoult, Corey Stoll and Tye Sheridan, who play older and younger Ben respectively, to Christina Hendricks as the siblings' struggling mother and ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, as young Ben's wild girlfriend. 

The movie is really good at depicting each of the story's turn, but it doesn't allow tension to grow or drama to work; maybe mildly, but it doesn't take enough time to breathe in those. It does know how to comprehend with its own narrative, by my own personal theory, it might have been more effective if it also follows the tone on a certain scene rather than plainly put away information. That's not bad, but stories like this might work better with a deeper atmosphere.


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