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First of all, I really don't know how to start. It's been few days now since I watched Crimson Peak and I haven't recovered yet from all the feelings this movie gave me.

Second of all, this might be the hardest review I've ever done. I already bad at explaining things and writing this review make me even more realise I am so bad at this. I mean, probably, this review is not enough to sums up my feelings toward this movie and all the beautiful details.


Spoilers alert! Don't blame me, you've been warned! Enjoy my thoughts of Crimson Peak. See you at Allerdale Hall! 

It's a not secret that Guillermo Del Toro is one of the best directors with ridiculously amazing imagination. Something about his imagination that really unusual but directly beautiful and keep our eyes open. One word, amazing!

Crimson Peak is visually beautiful! I have no idea how to describe this most beautiful movie I've ever seen! This is so amazing to see all of beautiful details about this movie. The victorian-gothic sets, beautiful costumes, perfect graphics, everything is so beautiful. Beyond beautiful!

I watched a behind the scenes video on YouTube, and even without CGI, the actual sets are already amazing and beautiful! Guillermo really works as his best on creating his imagination into real life. My most favourite set on this movie is the house, obviously. I know I know, the house is creepy but I found it very charming in its own ways. The stairs, the bathroom, the bedroom, even the elevator and the basement, it all just really cool places you know. It's so unusual set of movie and defined the idea of this movie: gothic romance. 

You can see how beautiful Crimson Peak sets here

The story itself is actually really simple. It is quite predictable but at the same time, you can't think what's next. The story makes you tied up on it, crave for more! I seriously feel disappointed when it finally came to the end! I don't want this movie end, I wanna watch this movie for my entire life!

This is not a horror movie even though it has ghosts in it. It isn't ghost story but story about ghost. That's different. Yes it is.
At first we get a little confuse about this whole ghosts because it keep appears to Edith but more and more we get to know the story, those ghosts were trying to warn her about their stories so Edith wouldn't ended up being them.

I wouldn't say this movie has plot holes (some people said that) because I simply disagree. For me, those plot holes that people mentioned, are the chance for us, viewers, to think about this whole twisted story. Every characters have their own story and it's so heart breaking when you think about that. Crimson Peak is full of mystery!

I'm taken away by this movie! I crave for more and don't want this movie ends but I also happy this movie end this way. Although watching Thomas Sharpe's death is my truly heart broken moment. This movie is like... the art of darkness I can say.

Crimson Peak is visually stunning movie with a beautifully written simple story. It feels like an amazing experience to live in Guillermo's imagination. 

Some of the scenes are too disturbing for me. Well, disturbing in good ways as possible. It's gothic movie after all. I'm not enjoyed it but I didn't hate it either. I'm not a big fan of thriller movie whatsoever! It's hard for me to watch a knife stabbed into a human being's body and it's even more disturbing to see that knife is taken out of the human being's body. Do you know which part that I'm talking about? Yes. When Thomas was taking out the knife from his face! I was like... God, I can't watch this movie anymore, that's so crazy and scary! I almost pee in my pants! It is so heart breaking to see a beautiful face of Tom Hiddleston has a knife on his face. Seriously, it broke my heart. Another disturbing scene is when Edith's Dad was murdered by Lucille. Yes, how could someone - especially a woman, killed a grown up man that WAY? I was trying my best to not close my eyes. Literally, I was shaking!

Le's talk about amazing cast!

This movie has such incredibly great cast! Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain are the leading roles. Apart from them, Jim Beaver and Charlie Hunnam are also here! I really wish I can see more of Charlie's role in this movie! I think his character is pretty interesting too! 

I can't get enough how handsome Tom Hiddleston is! I mean I'm fully aware that he is one of those handsome yet charming British actors, but this is like the best appearance of him in all the movies he ever did! Not saying he is bad on previous movies, he's a great actor. He is one of my favourite actors BUT, in this movie, we're like seeing him more alive, deeper and at his best with this character. I don't know how to explain but... guys, I wish I prepare myself before watching this movie because hell, he's incredibly amazing! I want to hug him and kiss him but at the same time, I want to kick his ass. He's very attractive and so sensual. I don't know. Just... BOOM! Bye ovaries! 

Thomas Sharpe himself somewhat has heartbreaking story and most complicated character from all these complicated characters in this movie. He's incredibly handsome and has this charm which can makes every girl he meets fall for him. He's so sensual, charming, yet fragile with beautiful eyes and smile, you really want to hug and kiss him but at the same time after the movie running down, you really want to kick his ass! (literally, we can see dat ass thou~). He's such a beautiful heartbreaker I can say. 

The women in this movie, Jessica Chastain who plays Lucille Sharpe and Mia Wasikowska who plays Edith Cushing, are two incredible woman in this movie. They have the strength, the beauty, the sexiness, smart to portray these complicated characters... and also they both have Thomas's heart. They belong to him. How amazing it is?! 

Yes, they both are falling in love to Thomas Sharpe. Surprise!

But Lucille Sharpe is his sister, right? Oh dear, yes, Lucille and Thomas are siblings but they both have been locked in the attic and they got twisted. That's all I can say, they both are falling for each other and have this sexual tension between them. Yeah... It reminds me to Flowers in the Attic. They're like always together no matter what. Backward to Thomas' dark stories, he'd been married to three wealthy women and he did it for their wealths, he and Lucille need it for their mine or a.k.a their crimson peak castle. They have been work so hard for this creepily beautiful house - or castle - even if the must sacrifice other people's life.

More than that, let's forget the fact that they are siblings, this love story is actually sad. Thomas did everything for her and so did Lucille. She even killed people for him, for both of them. They were fall too deep until they couldn't see the difference between good and bad. Lucille made Thomas her priority and Thomas always comes back to her even when he found Edith, even when he realised what they did was wrong, he still cared for her and wanted the best for her. It's beautiful, isn't it? 

Lucille is insane. Yes, she is crazy. She killed people without doubt, she's falling in love with his brother. Everything she did that shown in this movie is because her love for her brother, Thomas. Everything is for love, that's all I can say. Jessica did a really amazing work to play this such charmingly complicated woman, because I can feel Lucille's anger, sadness, and her broken-hearted feelings in entire movie. I don't know how to explain, seriously, I can feel her! 

Edith Cushing is an incredible woman. She's such a strong independent woman. She lost her mom when she's 10, she works so hard for her dreams, she's a lady like. She's charming in her own way. I really love how Mia portrayed her perfectly. Like Edith is the reason why Mia becoming an actress. I couldn't imagine if other actresses play Edith. This role is made for her. 

I have to say I love Edith. She changed Thomas' point of view of the definition of love. The love Thomas known is Lucille's definition, but with Edith, he feels what a true love is. Thomas once said to her that she's different. In the end, I realise what Thomas really meant is.

With Edith, everything is just different. I can see how happy and different Thomas is when he's with Edith. He feels loved. 

Somehow, it isn't Thomas that scared to Lucille, but otherwise, it's Lucille who scared. She's scared to lose him. Like I said, everything she did is for Thomas. They have such a complicated love story for me. If it's worth to called it love story because disturbingly, we're talking about siblings love story, a tale about brother and sister making out. Ew. Yes, I know. 

Can't get enough what I learned about these three complicated characters. This might be the most beautifully written characters I've ever see in a movie. I've never think about characters in movie this much. I seriously meant it. Once I walked out from the movie theatre, my mind still thinking about Thomas, Edith and Lucille. As weird as it is, they're like pulling me into their stories. 

PS: my life changed ever since I watched Tom Hiddleston in this movie. I don't know. Girl, you know... no, not because that "post office and chill" scene, but because of him in general. Seriously!

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