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I haven't write any blogpost for almost 2 months and it was all because I worked on my undergraduate thesis and now, it is finally done!! I got my bachelor degree in education on August, 27th, 2015 and that was one of the biggest things I've ever done in my life. 

In the terms of hard work to get my undergraduate thesis done and to finally get my bachelor degree, I've experienced a lot of hard times. A lot. No kidding, that was so stressful and so much pressure! Through those hard times, I also learned to how I de-stress myself

Stress is a natural thing when you feel overwhelmed about your school tasks, your works, your life, that's normal. Everyone has it. 

For the past 4 months, my stress trigger was the undergraduate thesis. I put so many pressure to myself to get it done sooner or at least, right in my own deadline. Yes, I made a deadline for it. Yes, I pushed myself sometimes too much and unnecessary. Yes, I have my own reasons. First because I want to graduate and get my bachelor degree soon. Second, the sooner the better. Third, if I work this slow, the more I have to live my life with a weight and that will be so stressful. Ain't no fun, right? 

That's the healthy stress. I force myself to finish something. 

But, not every stress is healthy. Through the way I finished my thesis, I had so many hard times and caused me to cry a lot. I found it harder and harder every time I sat in front of my laptop and saw the screen with my previous work, that was hard to start working again. 

I found these ways to de-stress myself. It works and helps me a lot and I hope it can helps other people too :)

  • Taking a break

I stop working whenever my head feels like going to explode or when it's hard to breathe. I leave my workspace and move on to other places. This is the most effective way to de-stress. Take 5 minutes to recharge your mind, do something else like talking with your family or friends.

  • Deep breathing 

This is what I've been doing recently and it's very effective. Stress can trigger panic attack and that's what I've been through. How to deep breathing? It's simple. Just sit or lay down (whatever position that makes yourself comfortable) and inhale as much as oxygen you can through your nose, hold it for 7 to 10 seconds and exhales from your mouth. Repeat until you feel more comfortable and your feel calmer. 

  • Eat chocolate 

Chocolate has a lot of benefits! One of them is to reduce your stress and trigger relaxation because it increase your dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, the neurotransmitter quartet that responsible for our happy feeling. I suggest to eat dark chocolate instead of white or milk chocolate because dark chocolate is less sugar so it is healthier and also, has better taste. 

  • Eat your favourite food 

One of my favourite food is ice cream. Eating your favourite food can help to boost up your mood. I'll go with low fat ice cream because it's healthier. But, really thou, take your time! If you love pizza, go for it. Donuts, go for it. At this point, you do you is really matter.

  •   Drink warm water 

Either just a warm water or tea, whatever your prefer but not a coffee. Caffeine can trigger stress. Take a deep breathe, sit comfortable and enjoy your warm water. It helps! I like to drink warm lemon water or my favourite tea because it taste good! 

  • Listen to your favourite song

I'm not recommend you to listen to your rock playlist but your smooth and calm songs. I like to listen to instrumental songs than the pop songs. There's something beautiful about instrumental that I can't explain through words. But if you don't like instrumental, you can go for your favourite songs. whatever genre, if the song makes you feel happy and calm, go for it. But, here's my de-stress playlist, enjoy :) 

  • Watch funny videos on youTube or vine 

Give yourself good 5 to 10 minutes to watch funny videos in your daily activity. I do this once a day within 10 minutes just to give myself a laugh. You deserve to laugh!

  • Pamper routine 

Average of shower time is 15 minutes or 20 minutes if you wash your hair. But there's nothing wrong to give yourself a pamper routine once a week. I usually do my pamper routine on Saturday. Just simple pamper routine but it gives you a huge energy! 

  • Take some fresh air

Get a little morning jog or just go for an afternoon walk is good, I like to do that. But I like windows shopping more (typical!). No, I'm kidding!! For some people who like shopping, windows shopping can also trigger stress. My point is, leave your house and get some fun. Go hang out with your friends or family, go to the nearest cafe only to get your favourite donut or salad, it will helps. 

  • Make a change your room (or workspace)

No, I'm not suggesting you to make a huge difference to your room or workspace. What I mean is, give your work/study desk a little change can boost your mood. Buy cute stationary, give your table a nice cloth or buy your favourite flowers. Those little things can boost your mood and energy to get your work done.

  • Swimming (if it is possible) 

Water can calm your mind and body. If it's possible, go for morning swimming or afternoon swimming. I like to go for swim at 6 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon and spend for at least an hour to swim back and forth. It can recharge my energy somehow. 

  • Get motivated!

Motivation is not always come from other people. It is important to get motivation from your family and friends, but, it is more important to motivated yourself! How? Always remember why you started and you're halfway there. This may be sounds so cheesy and common thing to hear, but give yourself a suggestion every morning after you waking up is important. Always always remember that you can through whatever the day throws at you and you're halfway to your destination

That's my de-stress tips, what's yours? :) 

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