Thursday, October 01, 2015


I don't usually read memoir or biographies/autobiographies but the day when I knew Connor Franta wrote a book, I feel the urge to buy and read his work. Not because he is one of my favourite YouTubers, but it is because I admire his creativity and the way he sees the world (now I sound like I know him really well) so I thought his writing will be something different. 

Unfortunately, his book wasn't available in any book stores at the city where I lived in when it came out. This happened so many times before, I get used to the delay. So I decided to wait for another month and then another years. I saw so many good reviews about this book, even it became #1 best seller at New York Times for 14 weeks (I'm not sure but he talked about this in his video) and that's something. 

I finally bought it online. The online book store that I trusted and it's from Singapore, so practically, I bought it import. It took 2 weeks until I got the beautiful paperback in my hand. Once I got it, I read it for 2 hours non-stop. 

This book is absolutely amazing! Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. There are so many different things that Connor said that I could relate to and I could feel what he was saying. His writing style made me felt like I was having a conversation with him which I thought was really interesting and different. 

Through his book, he let us know him in so many different aspects. His childhood, his early life, his younger teen life, everything about him written well and invited you in, invited you see through his point of view. I can't pick which one if my most favourite because basically, every chapter is my most favourite but if I have to, I think it is The Problem with Labels

I truly recommended this book even if you don't like watching YouTube or not a fan of him in general. I recommended this book because this is a beautifully written book, inspiring memoir with mesmerising words and breathtaking photography. 

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