Thursday, June 25, 2015


In this month of June, I clearly need songs that can boost my mood. I'm in the process of working on my undergraduate thesis (the deadline freaks me out!!) so wish me luck! This is not a secret that everyone through a phase where thesis can really stressful! 

Here's my playlist that really boost my mood! 

  1. Bounce - The Cab
  2. Elevate - Big Time Rush 
  3. Lone Ranger - Rachel Platten
  4. Nobody Like You - Katelyn Tarver 
  5. One Track Mind - Heffron Drive
  6. Shoot Love - Maroon 5 
  7. Show Me - Big Time Rush 
  8. The Youth - MGMT 
  9. Weekend Millionaires (Young Bomb Remix) - Katelyn Tarver 
  10. Windows Down - Big Time Rush 
  11. Work Song - Hozier 

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