Friday, March 27, 2015


When it comes to skin care, I always be the one who really selective. My skin is really sensitive, combination of dry and normal. It's hard to find skin care products without making my skin ridiculously red or making it drier. I almost never changed my skin care because I think skin care is not something to try on but something to stick into. 

So without any further do, here's my version of skin care routine that really helps to make my skin looks better :

  • Cleanser

I wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser to clean my face from night cream and any excessive oil. 

  • Toner

I applied L'occitane Gentle Toner on cotton pad and gently wipe it off on my face to prepare the skin for moisturiser and makeup. I found this product makes my skin so smooth and moist. 

  • Oil Free Cream 

I don't have any skin problem such as acnes but I do have problem with whiteheads and this product, Papulex Oil Free Cream, helps to reduce the whiteheads and also close the pores. 

  • Moisturiser 

I've been struggle to find what the best moisturiser that won't make my skin red and I found Clinique Moisture Surge is the best that I can use. There are so many moisturisers that work for anybody else, but for me, this one works the best. It's moisturising and also prepare my face for makeup like primer. I really like this product. Plus, it can uses under eyes but not working as eye cream. Some moisturisers can't be use under eyes, it will cause the redness and hurts, but this one is not. Totally great product.  

  • Eye Cream

I have bad dark circles under my eyes so eye cream is a must for me. And also, I disagree to the statement that we need eye cream later when we have wrinkles and those ageing signs, for me, it's better to prevent ageing before it happens. Dark Circle Eye Zone Treatment from Skin Benefit London is my favourite product for the past 2 years. It is light weight cream and I think appropriate for younger skin like in earlier 20's. I use my ring finger to tap the product onto my skin start from the outer corner of my eyes toward the inner corner. 

  • Facial Mist 

To add some more of moisturiser and to set everything, I use my favourite facial mist from L'occitane and it is called Angelica Hydration Face Mist. It smells so good and super moisturising. I like to use it before and after I apply my makeup and also, whenever I need to refresh my face especially when I go to the beach. 

  • Lip Balm 

Last, I put some L'occitane Moisturizing Lip Balm to make my lips smooth and moist.

PS: These following products are work for me, but it could be not working for other people due to skin types 


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