Saturday, March 28, 2015


I joined "Nonton Bareng Insurgent with Initiates Bandung & Cinemagz Magazine" week ago. It was okay but I hoped they could manage it better. 

To be completely honest, I don't have a big hope for Insurgent, the second movie from Divergent franchise because the first movie is quiet disappointing for me. I'm a big fan for the book, I read all of them and definitely one of my favourite books. But for this second movie, I can say that it's visually better than the first one. It's good if you haven't read the book. 

I will start by saying that the special effects, the action, the cast, everything is way better than Divergent and it's absolutely amazing. I'm so glad that they're really working on the CGI and stuff because we all remember how terrible Divergent was.  

The first movie had a minimal amount of both and that's what made it kind of bland. But this film just raised the action and CGI and absolutely, it made it more intense. The action is definitely very fun to watch but what makes the action scenes is more presentable is the CGI and while the visual effects were spectacular to look at, some of it was pretty bad. I mean there was a ton of visual effects and they were generally well done, but some of it was so obvious that it was shot on a green screen that it was almost cringeworthy. 

But I missed more of the story line of the book. Half the things of the book never happened on the movie and the ones that did were almost completely change, it even has a complete different ending. 

In Insurgent, the plot thickens, and not just that, it branches out to several sub ones. That's when the film begins losing its grip around the central story, giving way to subplots that don't make sense at all, if not barely. Some of the changes I liked and some of the changes were just dumb. The plot in general is still confusing and just not easy to follow. Moving on to the script. The main problem here is the dialogue and while I thought it was going to be much worse, there were still some lines that were painfully clich├ęd. 

I know that movies are never going to be exactly like the book and you can understand some stuff has to be left out in order to fit it into two hours, but that doesn't mean change everything. I keep wondering how they're going to adapt Allegiant for it to make sense with this ending. 

The only thing that I truly enjoy and never questioned is Four. He's as handsome as always! Those muscles thou... 

It's not a bad movie at all, I actually enjoy it and my friends who haven't read it found it to be great, but as a fan of the book I couldn't stop comparing and was kind of disappointed because I expected to be more truth to it.


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