Thursday, February 26, 2015


This book...there are no words to describe the epic adventure this novel will take you on. I didn't really have any expectations for this book, but it turned out to be pretty good. 

The beginning of this novel starts off with a bang. It's a recapping of a disturbing memory following an event that altered Ezra and his best friend Toby's lives. Ezra begins to believe everyone in their lives will have a tragic changing point. You won't know when it'll happen but once it does, life will change drastically. He's right.

One of the things I completely adored about this novel was the main character himself. It's incredible how the author created a character so rich and unbelievable, you can't help but wish he were real. Of all his wonderful and sometimes not so fabulous traits, I loved his clever and witty personality the most. Just the dialog alone kept me craving for more. Ezra Faulkner is every reason why I can easily swoon over the perfect male protagonist. 

Now, let's talk about the romance a bit. Cassidy Thorpe. Like many first loves, Cassidy offers Ezra things he hasn't experienced before. Both Cassidy and Ezra are broken yet somehow fix one another just by being together. But then things happened and ... bam, go read it yourself ;)

Robyn Schneider is not trying too hard to make this story meaningful and moving, but somehow it works for me. The story is really touching my heart without sad story about cancer, bad broke up, or else, but just by what we actually see in real life. By what actually happening to us in real life casually. It makes me think more and more, that people are not the same as we thought they are and life has unpredictable table turn for us.

I really enjoy this book, no, kidding, I really love this book. The story, if you think about it for awhile, it opens up how life has so much weird things for us. Sometimes, we didn't realize what really happening but after think about it again, actually, we did see that things coming to us but we're too busy enjoying what life offers us and ignore the most important things.


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