Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The Theory of Everything is heartbreaking and inspiring story of Stephen Hawking told through his wife Jane's relationship with the intellectual. Despite not being a total genius like Stephen Hawking, everyone should take pleasure in living during a time when they have their own Einstein or Edison. The Theory of Everything tells the tragic, yet inspiring, story of Hawking from his youthful Cambridge years to the miserable deterioration of his body through the following decades by ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

This movie caught my attention from the very first trailer, which gave a brilliant idea about masterful acting of Eddie Redmayne. It's always fancy to watch an actor playing someone living in the same decade as you, a person you have admired, read about, watched and especially, if that person has such some kind of disability - it definitely makes acting work a lot harder. So, I was very much wanting to know how Eddie, who I'd loved from Les Miserables, dealt with it. And Eddie Redmayne was absolutely superb and Oscar-worthy as Hawking.

Felicity Jones received raving reviews - good ones and bad ones. I think mine would be more positive, than negative, because I really liked her. She was not extraordinary, or did she neither have some big emotional moments. To the contrary, her character is a quiet act, a person behind everything and still invisible. She comforts every her scene in the movie and masterfully captures the devotion Jane Hawking had towards her husband. The chemistry between them was just too good; it was heartbreaking to watch. This may be the best love story ever portrayed. 

As a love story, The Theory of Everything is head and shoulders above anything you've seen in the past couple of years. In the end, The Theory of Everything is all about the performances. It has some of the best you will see all year. It is a film about love, time, and the bonds that last throughout the years. It is about the power of the human mind and heart, despite harsh adversity. The actors are so incredibly amazing in their roles that even the issues with the story hardly detract from the powerful message the film has to send. So, if you have a love for science, romance, or Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything will leave you dazzled and inspired.


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