Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello Beautiful People!! 

2014 is over! 

This year has been a really great year for me. I've been through ups and downs and those things made me. Seriously, I feel like who I am now is really different from who I am in last years. 
I've changed in good way. I eat healthier and also my health is slowly getting better and better. I read more books than last year. I got my first internship in one of the best International school in Indonesia. I'm happier than I've ever been before. 
But I'm not going to talk about me, don't worry ;) 
I'm going to talk about things that I think the best throughout this year. Not all the stuff here is released in 2014, but great stuff that I've been loving in entire year or new to me. 


Of course the first thing I wanna talk about is makeup, what else ? ;) 

  • Foundation / BB Cream
As long as I remember, I barely use any foundation or BB cream because my skin doesn't have any blemishes or acnes and well, I don't know. Then again, if I do, I'm still using my favorite, Revlon Colorstay Foundation and NYX BB Cream. I changed my BB Cream this year and I found out this NYX one really works for me. 

  • Concealer 

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer! This stuff is really amazing! It doesn't just work as concealer but also as highlighter. Seriously, I've been using this concealer for almost 7 months now? WOW! It gives a great cover up and doesn't look cakey on your skin. It works for all skin types and... it's a drugstore makeup product so it doesn't pricy :) 

  • Eyeliner 

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black. If in last years I'm a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, this year, you can count how many times I'm wearing liquid eyeliner. This eyeliner is my favorite. Why? First, it is a crayon so it's super easy to use. Second, it comes in a pen or marker and slim shape so it always can fit in my makeup pouch without taking any space. Third, it's super black and stay all day long in your eyelid. It doesn't smudge! Fourth, it is Revlon, duh

  • Mascara 

I only use one mascara in 2014 and it is Benefit They're Real Mascara! Do you know how many empty tubes that I have in my empties bag? 7! You guys know that no matter what, I always love long and thick lashes and this mascara gives them! My lashes look really great! I feel like a doll whenever I have my lashes on. Well, I don't think I need fake lashes as long as I have this mascara :) 

  • Lip color 

I love changing my lip color during warmer or colder months but this product is my go to and by go to I mean everyday in almost every single day in 2014. It's Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Romantic. The color is so beautiful, a perfect flush color. A lightweight lipstain with a great formula which is super moisturizing and has a cool sensation on it. I really love this balm stain!! 

I'm done with makeup, now let's moving on to another thing but in the same girly range with makeup. You're right! Nail Polish!

I love nail polish. I enjoy having my nails in pretty color and in 2014, I can't choose any better nail color than OPI Tickle My France-Y, this is my most used nail polish. Reasons why I love this color is because it is almost nude but it doesn't make my pale skin looks paler.  


I can't choose between these two. Both smell so freaking good. Flowery and super girly but they are different. Vera Wang Princess is calmer and softer and makes me feel like an actual princess while VS Bombshells in Bloom is sweet and flowery and pretty strong scent but it doesn't too much and it's sexier than other VS perfumes. 


I don't really like the VS Bombshells perfume but the body lotion is actually has a great smell! I know it's super close to the perfume but I think the body lotion has a softer scent than the perfume. This is actually my third bottle and so far, it is the best. It's moisturizing and light weight, it doesn't sticky on your skin and it smells great! I like to combine it with my VS Bombshells in Bloom perfume even they're pretty much different but I love it. 


For me, the best movie is Interstellar. I've already write a review about this movie but let me refresh. Everything in this movie is a perfection. Everything! The script, the actors, the effects, the soundtrack, even the poster. Oh my God! a movie like no other. Strewn with science, this movie not only takes you on a joy ride, it educates you as well. The script is so beautifully written that it rivets you right from the start. The concept is like magic, every little detail has been exemplified with proper logical explanations and shown on a platter of sensation. Emotional surge is so strong, and with a power pack performance by the actors everything uplifts. Bits of a father-daughter melodrama are the most feeling kind. Shatters you from the inside, as you empathize with the protagonist's tears. The soundtrack is rad! Notes are so brilliant that they put you right into the flick. If this movie is not a perfection then I don't know what it is. 

Then here comes the worst movie I've ever seen in 2014 - well, probably in my entire life. I'm sorry to all the fans of this movie, no offense but being a great fan to the book, I'm so disappointed to this movie. 

Yeah, The Fault in Our Stars or a total failure? 

I'm sorry but this movie is a mistake. The book is absolutely beautiful. I read so many times, again and again since the first time I hold the book. The soundtrack that came a month before is also beautiful once I read the book and played the album and OH MY GOD, the sensation brought me to different feelings that I never knew I would have before when reading a book. Then came the movie like a wrecking ball damaged the perfection. It's a total boom-boom. 


Not a surprise, the best album is V by Maroon 5 although it is a new album in 2014, but I know that this is the best album I've ever have in this year. Every single song is really great and beautiful and makes you wanna dance, makes you wanna sing along with eyes closed and imagine Adam Levine is right beside you, singing with you. Well, maybe not, it's just me, the weird fan LOL.


I have 3 books which are worth for the best book that I read in 2014 ;)

14,000 Things to be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer

I don't know if this book is include in category self-help or not but I think it is. Why? Because every time I read every single thing that the author thinks 'to be happy about' it's really works. I do agree for some reasons. I'm not finish this book yet but I think this book reminds us for little things that actually meant a lot for us. That's why I really love this book. I try to read at least 10 things before I go to bed :) 

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Yeah, I just read this book in 2014 but HOLY CRAP this book is the only one that kept me staying all night. I can't stop opening every page and this book is like nicotine, make me addicted!! And the movie is seriously good thou!

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsela 

This book is obviously will be my favorite romance book ever! The less I say about how great this book is, the more mature and adult like I'll sound. Amazing, stupendous! I was so intrigued by the story that I read it from cover to cover in two hours. Trust me, if you haven't already read this, or picked it up, do it! You won't regret it, especially if you've ever read anything by Sophie Kinsella before :)

2014 has been a great year for me and I'm looking forward for another amazing days in 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE <3


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